State education spending in Mekong Delta lower than country’s

The Ministry of Education and Training and authorities in the Mekong delta admitted that state education spending in the region is much lower than the country’s.

State education spending in Mekong Delta lower than country’s

The report was released yesterday at a meeting to assess the reality of education in the Mekong detla organized by the Ministry with the participation of 13 provinces in the region.

The Mekong Delta produces most of Vietnam's agricultural exports and contributes roughly 20 per cent to the country's GDP but its education level and quality remains below national standards.

Head of the Ministry’s Department of Facility Pham Hung Anh said that provinces in the Mekong delta spend on preschool and high school 11.9 percent lower than the country’s.

Specifically, the region spends 15.9 percent of its state budget on education whereas total students in the region make up 17.5 percent of the country.


Averagely, the country spends VND8,372,000 ($358.3) on a kindergartener or a high schooler but the region just spend VND7,380,000 on a pupil.

Subsequently, education quality in the region is lower than the country’s standards.

Speaking at the meeting , Education Minister Phung Xuan Nha said state spending in the Mekong delta is lowest in the country even lower than difficult regions such as the Northwest and the central Highlands plus climate change is making impact on the Mekong delta.

He concluded that there should be measures and mechanisms to revamp education in the Mekong delta. SGGP

Hai Son

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