Three Chinese suspects arrested for murdering taxi driver

Three Chinese men suspected of killing a taxi driver and stealing his car have been arrested in the border province of Son La, local police said on Tuesday.

 Chinese men arrested in Son La for murder, robbery

Three Chinese suspects arrested for murdering taxi driver
Three Chinese nationals arrested at the police station. — Photo courtesy of Son La police

According to the police, a taxi driver named Nguyen Hung Manh was reported missing by his company on August 9. The company last recorded him picking passengers at the Huu Nghi border gate with China in Lang Son Province and was en route to the capital Hanoi.

Tracking the car, the company found that it was instead heading towards Son La.

A police investigation found that the three passengers of Chinese nationality allegedly killed the 50-year-old driver when they were passing through the northern province of Bac Giang.
It is alleged the trio then drove the car some 100km away to the Trung Ha Bridge in Phu Tho Province were Manh’s body was thrown into the Da River, a tributary of the Hong (Red) River.

They kept driving and reached Son La’s Phu Yen District where the car was abandoned. The three men then rented a boat to go to Moc Chau District.


Son La police managed to intercepted the suspects.

The three admitted killing the driver to steal the car and initially planned to drive it to Myanmar. However, they then changed their mind and abandoned the car on their way to escape.

On the morning of August 12, police found the body of Manh near Thanh Tri Bridge in Hanoi. The currents had washed his corpse all the way from Da River to Red River area.

The trio were arrested on charges of murder and robbery.


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