Whirlwind damages houses and rice in Ha Tinh

A total of 248 buildings were damaged and 1,020 hectares of crops destroyed after a whirlwind passed through several localities in the central province of Ha Tinh late on April 30.

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Whirlwind damages houses and rice in Ha Tinh
Police and military officers assist residents in Ha Tinh in repairing their houses. Photo nhandan.com.vn

The whirlwind crossed the districts of Huong Son, Huong Khe and Nghi Xuan and blew off the roofs of 192 houses and damaged another 56 buildings. No casualties were reported.

Locals said the whirlwind came suddenly after a storm. Residents in the districts experienced blackouts in the night because some power lines collapsed in the strong wind.


Teachers and students in the localities had to work on May Day to clean up their schools for classes to resume today after a long holiday. However, farmers were hit the hardest as 1,000ha of rice and vegetables ready to harvest were devastated.

Police and military officers were deployed to the affected areas to assist residents in repairing their houses.


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