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VietNamNet Bridge - The manufacturers of phone components and accessories for Apple have sent word intimating that they may relocate factories to Vietnam. 

US trade war with China to strengthen Vietnam’s competitiveness

Vietnam has free trade agreements with Canada, Japan and Mexico (through CPTPP), and plans to sign an FTA with the EU. These will be advantages in the US - China trade war. 

Textile & garment companies earn big money in China-US trade war

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s textile & garment industry is reaping the benefits from the China-US trade war.

China-US trade war may divert FDI flows to VN

VietNamNet Bridge - The trade war is driving to FDI (foreign direct investment) flow to other countries, including Vietnam, which will, nevertheless, have to compete fiercely with others to attract the capital.

Business fields in VN benefit from US-China trade war

VietNamNet Bridge - The trade war is facilitating the development of a number of business fields in Vietnam. 

US-China trade war spreads to Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has opportunities to boost exports and attract investment, but will face big challenges because of the escalating US-China trade war.

Rubber exporters hope US-China trade war ends soon

VietNamNet Bridge - The US-China trade war could adversely affect Vietnam’s rubber industry as 65 percent of domestic rubber output is exported to China.

Vietnam emerges as alternative destination for foreign manufacturers

VietNamNet Bridge - Analysts say they can see opportunities for Vietnam in the US-China trade war. Signs show that Asian manufacturers are relocating their production bases to Vietnam.

Are Hong Kong businesses leaving Vietnam to avoid US-China trade war?

Many Hong Kong businesses want to relocate their production bases to other countries, especially Southeast Asia, in the context of the US-China trade war.

Will China use Vietnamese origin to export woodwork to US?

The massive arrival of Chinese enterprises to Vietnam to set up woodwork processing workshops has raised concern that China may exploit Vietnamese origin to export products to the US and avoid high taxes.

Vietnam to bear long-term impact from US-China trade war: report

Economists have expressed concern about the impact on Vietnam’s economy if the second US tariff package of $200 billion is ratified after September 6, saying that Vietnam’s GDP may decrease by 0.03 percent because of the trade war.

Fighting against dollarization will help stabilize exchange rate: experts

Experts have urged the government to stop accepting deposits in US dollars from the public, saying that this is a necessary to stabilize the forex market and exchange rate, and fight against dollarization.

How will Vietnam cope with the crisis caused by China-US trade war?

As GDP relies on exports, in order to avoid the abrasive effects of the China-US trade war, it needs to improve competitiveness and find new markets.

Billion USD affairs balances Vietnam-US trade

Vietnam has enjoyed a trade surplus with the US over many years. However, the trade balance has now become relatively equal with a series of valuable procurement contracts that Vietnamese enterprises have signed with US manufacturers.

US-China trade war’s impact on Vietnam: economist

Vietnam’s trade activities still have not been affected significantly by the recent trade tension between the US and China because taxed goods are mostly certain types of  high-technology products. 

Vietnam firms should prepare themselves amidst trade war

Domestic businesses should closely monitor the market situation, prepare to adjust their operations and redefine export markets to avoid negative impacts and capitalise on opportunities from the US-China trade war.

US-China tit-for-tat trade war to create misfortune for Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - The US and China are two important trade partners of Vietnam. Any interruption in exports will have a big impact on the national economy.  

Possible US-China trade war could bring challenges, opportunities

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese economists all believe the possibility of a US-China trade war outbreak is low, but, if it occurs, Vietnam would face both challenges and opportunities.