Southern Phu Quoc, a new paradise for the world’s elite

Recent high-end developments on the southern tip of Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s largest island, have helped to fulfill its long-foreseen potential to become one of the hottest beach destinations in Asia.

Southern Phu QuocTwo years ago, when visiting the southern end of Phu Quoc in search of investment opportunities, billionaire Christian A. Larpin – the owner of the 5-star Michelangelo Cruises - declared that within three to five years, this area would become a world-class destination for tourism.

Only two years since his declaration, it is said that this part of the island is on par with what one would find in the Maldives, which is considered to be the epitome of luxury beach tourism.

One of the major players in this sudden transformation is JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, the first 5++ resort in Phu Quoc, which was designed by world well-known architect Bill Bensley, and developed under the investment of Sun Group.

The resort had started to operate half a year before the Swiss billionaire Christian A. Larpin had made his declaration. Not long after that, residents of the so-called “Pearl Island” witnessed a highly glamorous and prestigious event, the World Travel Awards 2017 — the first indication that Phu Quoc was already on the  radar of the world’s luxury travel industry.

The World Travel Awards wouldn’t normally opt for a venue that had only just opened but JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay is truly an exceptional destination, one that can attract the world’s elite luxury travelers from all over the world.

“The wedding of the century”

Fast forward to April 2019 when JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay hosted what would be called “the Wedding of the Century” as the Indian billionaire couple, Kaabia Grewal and her dashing groom Russhang Shah tied the knot on the southern tip of the “Pearl Island”. 

The happy couple organized two planes to fly in some 700 wedding guests as well as 125 artists from 10 countries, who were invited to perform at the wedding. There were even 50 chefs cooking up classic dishes from India to serve at 10 different events - all of which had a unique theme.

Southern Phu Quoc, a new paradise for the world’s elite

The lavish, luxurious and super colorful wedding caught the world’s attention. Prior to that, not many people had known that in southern Phu Quoc there could be such an opulent resort in such a heavenly setting, but the extravagant wedding changed that overnight.   

When explaining why they chose JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay as the venue for the wedding, the event organizer said that the couple had researched hundreds of venues in 30 countries.

Members of the family even visited the resort in Phu Quoc six times during the planning of the wedding before they made a final decision. Ultimately, Phu Quoc did not disappoint them. After a wonderful week-long wedding, the ecstatic bribe Kaabia Grewal remarked: “This is a real paradise of Asia.”

Southern Phu Quoc, a new paradise for the world’s elite

“Great Gatsby style”


Before the wedding of the Indian billionaire couple, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay had already made a splash in the southern part of Phu Quoc by opening the Pink Pearl restaurant, which is now the party venue of choice for Vietnamese celebrities and international jet-setters travelling to the island.

The Pink Pearl restaurant delivers sumptuous dinners and jubilant parties that one might expect to have come straight from the pages of the Great Gatsby. They’re flamboyant, luxurious, and quite unforgettable. The cuisine is also divine.

Southern Phu Quoc, a new paradise for the world’s elite

Guests can savor exquisite ‘haute cuisine’ dishes created by the chef Amine Lakhdari, who has worked with multiple Michelin star restaurants in France. Previously, Phu Quoc had never been a place for Michelin-star chefs and high-end gastronomy but since the opening of Pink Pearl, the southern part of Phu Quoc can cater for the discerning tastes of luxury travelers who are used to dining out at the world’s best restaurants.

Each dish in the party is a delicacy using the most exquisite of ingredients; for example, Landes asparagus, Oscietre caviar, Wagyu beef, and Marou artisanal chocolate (recognized by the New York Times as one of the best kinds of chocolate in the world). Guests can dine on superb gastronomic delights while enjoying exquisite classical music from a live quartet or performances by opera singers. This wonderful dining experience has definitely added another ‘string to the bow’ of southern Phu Quoc.

The new paradise of Asia

Besides being a paradise for luxury travel and offering unparalleled luxurious guest experiences at JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, the southern tip of Phu Quoc now has other stunning resorts that cater to high-end travelers, such as the Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort.

Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort has the sort of location that resort owners around the world dream of owning. Mui Ong Doi is a unique beach location, where people can watch the sunrise and sunset from the same spot. Many guests — especially those enjoying romantic holidays — choose to do both. From a villa on the cliff side, guests can also enjoy views of the beach in front of them and the dense forest behind them. During sunrise and sunset it is truly a magical place to be.

Southern Phu Quoc, a new paradise for the world’s elite
JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay was chosen to organize one of the most prestigious hospitality events named World Travel Awards 2017 only after a year of operation

The opulent resort also features stylish, modern furniture and a multi-level infinity pool, which creates an incredible illusion for guests as the pool seems to be connected to the sea. Guests also love to enjoy sunsets at the appropriately named Sunset Bar.

It’s a sublime setting and it’s no surprise that this stunning resort at Mui Ong Doi, in just one year of operations, has already become a destination that is attracting elite travelers from Vietnam and all around the world.

Southern Phu Quoc, a new paradise for the world’s elite

Last but not least, the southern end of Phu Quoc also now boasts Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, a 5-star condotel for families and groups of friends to relax at. Furthermore, soon to follow will be Sun Premier Kem Beach Resort and Sun Premier Village Eden Bay, which will offer even more memorable luxury travel experiences. So it seems southern Phu Quoc’s moment has arrived. This truly is a new paradise for elite travelers and it is only going to grow exponentially.

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