The craft of weaving water hyacinth in Bac Lieu

Weaving water hyacinth, an aquatic plant available in Vietnam's countryside, has brought an extra source of income for thousands of people in Ninh Quoi commune, Hong Dan district, Bac Lieu province.

Taken by Do Hieu Liem from Bac Lieu province, the following photos were selected from entries submitted to the "Vietnam’s Beauty" contest, which is hosted by Nhan Dan Television.

The craft of weaving water hyacinth in Bac Lieu

Utilising natural materials, the locals make eco-friendly handicraft items

Harvesting water hyacinth

After being harvested, the leaves are trimmed to select the long stem variety of water hyacinth

The stem is then dried


Dried stems are now ready for making handicraft items

Weaving water-hyacinth baskets

Completed products are cleaned and dried before reaching out to customers

Nhan Dan

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