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Hanoi has halted the 2019-24 tourism promotion package worth US$4 million with the US Cable News Network (CNN) due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


CNN’s videos help Hanoi lure more international visitors

The publicity campaign on Hanoi conducted by the US Cable News Network (CNN) under an MoU with the city has helped attract international holiday-makers to the Vietnamese capital, according to Hanoi’s Department of Tourism.

CNN suggests exotic meal at 200-year-old snake village in Hanoi

The CNN team described snake spring rolls, filled with ground reptile meat are “tasty and fresh with herbs found in all Vietnamese cuisine”.

CNN to broadcast 15 short films promoting Hanoi in 2019

The series will be aired 60 times in 2019, of which each of the four aforesaid contents will be run 15 times.