Update news VCCI

VietNamNet Bridge - Drought, saline intrusion and unmethodical business plans all have dealt a blow on enterprises, leaving them with a material shortage. 

HCM City: saltwater intrudes into canals in inner city

Monitoring data shows that the saltwater has intruded deep into the inner HCM City since early April. The salinity in Nha Be, Sai Gon rivers and several canals in Binh Chanh and other districts is above last year’s levels.

Super-motorcycles flocking to Vietnam

Many well-known high-cylinder capacity motorbike brands have arrived in Vietnam. The super-motorbikes, with high technology, strong engine and sky-high selling prices of between hundreds of millions of dong and billions of dong, have been marketed.

Can a Japanese conglomerate rescue Vietnam’s Nghi Son oil refinery?

VietNamNet Bridge - With Idemitsu and its partner KPI planning to distribute petroleum products from Nghi Son Oil Refinery, a way out for Nghi Son has been found. 

Formosa's untreated wastewater suspected as causing mass deaths of fish

VietNamNet Bridge - An environmental disaster has occurred: fish have died en masse, running adrift to the central coastline. The incident was allegedly caused by untreated waste water from Formosa’s factory.

The Phd production workshop

VietNamNet Bridge - From the beginning of the year to mid-April, the Institute of Social Sciences of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences produced one PhD every 1.5 days.

What does ‘tens of thousands of businesses dying’ really mean?

VietNamNet Bridge - More than 20,000 businesses were dissolved or stopped operation within one quarter. 

Almost half of all enterprises closed over last decade

A total of 428,000 enterprises, accounting for 45.5 per cent of all those registered, ceased or suspended business operations in the 2007-2015 period according to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s report.

Da Nang continues to lead in the competitiveness index

 VietNamNet Bridge - With a score of 68.34, Da Nang once again ranks first in the country for provincial competitiveness. The next positions belong to Dong Thap, Quang Ninh, Vinh Phuc and Lao Cai.

Council to conduct salary survey

 VietNamNet Bridge – The National Wage Council is expected to launch a survey in late March or early April to collect data for region-based minimum wage increases in 2017.

Businesses’ fighting spirit has never been this low: economists

VietNamNet Bridge - While Vietnam makes every effort to strive for trade liberalization internationally, it has limited liberalization internally, according to Pham Chi Lan, a renowned economist.

Vietnamese businesses reluctant to file dumping lawsuits

VietNamNet Bridge - Many imported products and services are sold in the domestic market at incredibly low prices. However, Vietnamese businesses are reluctant to file anti-dumping lawsuits.

Businesses worried as insurance premium, union dues too high

VietNamNet Bridge - The sharp minimum wage increase of 12.4 percent and the new insurance premium calculations to be applied from 2016 have caused concern among businesses. 

Are 70 percent of businesses unprofitable?

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has reported that 70 percent of businesses are unprofitable, but the General Department of Taxation (GDT) said it does not know where the figure comes from.

Proposed wage increase worries businesses

VietNamNet Bridge - Businesses say that a proposed minimum wage of 16 percent in 2016 will cause them to go bankrupt, and local products would not have export markets if workers are laid off.

More than 10 percent minimum wage increase could lead to massive bankruptcies: VCCI

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has said that if the minimum regional wage increases by more than 10 percent, an increasing number of businesses will dissolve. 

Council fails to agree on wages

 VietNamNet Bridge – An increase in the regional minimum wage in 2016 has not yet been finalised because of differences over the margin of increase of the wage.

Should unprofitable businesses be saved or abandoned?

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has released a report showing that 70 percent of private businesses have not made profits for many months. 

Concern about rich - poor gap increases in Vietnam: survey

 VietNamNet Bridge - According to a survey conducted by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the World Bank, a large number of people (47%) expressed concern at the increasing gap between the rich and the poor in Vietnam.

Minimum wages likely to grow 10% next year

 VietNamNet Bridge – The average minimum wage by region is projected to rise by just over 10% in 2016 thanks to projections of low inflation and lingering challenges for enterprises,