Vietnam sends relief aid to Zimbabwe cyclone victims

The Vietnamese Embassy, VNA’s bureau and the Vietnamese Women’s Association in South Africa on April 30 handed over relief aid to the Zimbabwe Embassy in support of Zimbabwe people who were hit by Cyclone Idai last March.

Vietnam sends relief aid to Zimbabwe cyclone victims

The relief aid, including two tonnes of food along with clothes and learning tools, are expected to be transported to Zimbabwe on May 1 and presented to the Zimbabwe victims later.

On behalf of the Zimbabwe Ambassador to South Africa, his spouse Jessica Hamadziripi lauded the good deeds of the Vietnamese community in the host country and Vietnamese people in general.

Second Secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy Phuong Phuong Linh said as a country frequently affected by natural disasters, Vietnam shares difficulties and losses facing Zimbabwe people.


She hoped that Zimbabwe people will swiftly surpass these difficulties and overcome the cyclone’s consequences.

Statistics show that Cyclone Idai killed more than 1,000 people in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi, and directly affected daily lives and livelihoods of over 3 million others.

The World Bank (WB) estimated that the Idai-hit countries will need over 2 billion USD for restoration efforts.

In Zimbabwe alone, the storm left nearly 300 people dead and caused property losses worth over 200 million USD. -VNA

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