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Vietnamese food has been listed among the 10 healthiest cuisines globally by UK travel website The Culture Trip.

Banh mi – World class street food

With the word “banh mi” recognised by the Oxford dictionary and a Google bread doodle which has taken the media by storm in recent days, let’s find out why this popular street food in Vietnam has become known to so many international friends.

Vietnamese food: Pomelo dessert

This pomelo dessert won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth, in fact, people love the sweet treat of fruit, tapioca and beans. Try it out!


Vietnamese food: Cudweed cake/Bánh khúc

Popular with world leaders and footballers alike, banh khuc is a perfect treat to warm your cockles in winter. So grab a ball and don't forget to savour the unique taste explosion!


Vietnamese food: Sugar-coated lotus seed

These sugar-coated lotus seeds are a popular gift for newlyweds, but the sweets are also bought for friends and family during Tet. 


Vietnamese mini pancakes

Banh can is a simple dish, using just rice flour and eggs. But with a sprinkle of passion and a recipe passed down from generation to generation, these mini pancakes really hit the spot!


Vietnamese food: Snail noodle soup

You may know escargot, but have you taken a spoonful of snail noodle soup? The taste will have you slithering back for more!


Ngu Vien Heritage offers the vegetarian side of menu

So the news on climate change does not look good. The world keeps getting a little warmer every year. 

Vietnamese food: Young sticky rice flakes

There’s been a drop in temperature the past few days, and that means autumn is here. But did you know this is also the time of desserts made from rice?

Story of Vietnamese “banh mi” introduced in foreign newspaper

“Hard to resist” is what Theign Yie Phan, a head chef, describes Vietnamese “banh mi” (sandwich), in an article entitled “Story of the banh mi: Vietnam’s super sandwich that took on the world” run in the South China Morning Post.

Vietnamese food: Vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste

You’ll find it alongside many a meal in Vietnam to add that little bit of extra flavor and a touch of spice. But shrimp paste comes into its own when its served with vermicelli, pork and tofu.

Vietnamese cuisine to be introduced in France

An event called "Vietnam Cuisine Day in France" will be held in France’s Perpignan city on October 17-18 by the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry and the Vietnamese Embassy in France.


‘Horror’ dishes to die for when in Vietnam

Besides well-known dishes like bun cha, pho, banh mi, there are Vietnamese dishes that might look or sound scary at first but tastes worth-dying-for.

World’s leading chefs to descend on Hanoi for ‘Culinary Stars’ week

Leading culinary stars from around the world, including eight Michelin stars, will join the second edition of “Metropole Culinary Stars” at Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi.

Tom kho (Vietnamese simmered prawn)

As is the case with many other seafoods, “tom”( prawn) is a nutritional food and very good for our health.


Famous Hanoi noodle restaurant "Pho Thin" opens franchise in Melbourne

Pho Thin, a renowned family-run pho restaurant in Hanoi for 30 years, has opened its second franchise in Melbourne, Australia after its first in Tokyo in March this year.

Vietnam's mooncake

Bought yours yet? Given a mooncake to the one you love? Mooncakes are the tradition sweet food to eat this time of year during Mid-Autumn Festival. And there's lots of flavours to choose from.

Rocking the boat of Vietnamese cuisine

Nestled on Bat Dan Street in Hanoi, The T-Art is celebrating its second birthday with a special event and a multitude of new upscale dishes added to the menu. The theme of the celebration is ‘Làng Chài’, or ‘Fishing Village’.

Eel dishes

They're slippy and they're slimy, but they are delicious, especially when cooked by Hanoi's eel expert. He even insists only using eels from his hometown and has them delivered 300 miles everyday!

Hanoi's nicest nuts

Visiting the capital, Ho Ngoc Thang, 55, from Nghe An Province’s Quynh Luu District, asked me to buy lạc rang húng lìu, a famous specialty of Hanoi, for him to give to his relatives.