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Saudi Arabia showcases Vietnamese culture across several daysicon
VIETNAM & WORLD14/02/20200

Saudi Arabia showcases Vietnamese culture across several days

A large contingent of the Overseas Vietnamese community along with foreign friends gathered together to enjoy a series of Vietnamese cultural days which are being held in Saudi Arabia from February 3 through to February 15.

Vietnamese square sticky rice cakeicon

Vietnamese square sticky rice cake


Are you all set for Tet? And more importantly, have you prepared your bánh chưng yet? It's a traditional dish for the Lunar New Year. We speak to those in the know to learn all about this holiday delicacy.

Vietnamese food: Sugar-coated lotus seedicon

Vietnamese food: Sugar-coated lotus seed


These sugar-coated lotus seeds are a popular gift for newlyweds, but the sweets are also bought for friends and family during Tet. 

Vietnamese food: Plain rice flanicon

Vietnamese food: Plain rice flan


Visitors usually think about Chung cake whenever they hear about Vietnam, nevertheless, Vietnam has a nother famous cake which has been associated with Vietnamese culture for many centuries - “Banh Duc” or plain rice flan.

Vietnamese mini pancakesicon

Vietnamese mini pancakes


Banh can is a simple dish, using just rice flour and eggs. But with a sprinkle of passion and a recipe passed down from generation to generation, these mini pancakes really hit the spot!

Vietnamese food: Snail noodle soupicon

Vietnamese food: Snail noodle soup


You may know escargot, but have you taken a spoonful of snail noodle soup? The taste will have you slithering back for more!

Vietnamese food: Doughnutsicon

Vietnamese food: Doughnuts


Vietnam goes nuts for doughnuts! Round and wonderful, sweet or savoury, banh ran are the best way to treat yourself in winter. Dunk a savoury doughnut in fish sauce, and enjoy!

Vietnamese food: Banana pancakeicon

Vietnamese food: Banana pancake


Banh chuoi is a dish best served... in winter. In fact you will only find this sweet treat for sale when they weather is a bit chilly.

International Food Festival to kick off in Hanoiicon

International Food Festival to kick off in Hanoi


A festival featuring food from all over the world will be held in Hanoi on December 8.

Vietnamese food: Red noodle crab soupicon

Vietnamese food: Red noodle crab soup


This noodle soup is filled with the great taste of crabs and it's a super winter warmer! Comfort food at its finest. You'll want to get your claws into it ASAP.

Vietnamese food: Crab spring rollsicon

Vietnamese food: Crab spring rolls


Filled with crab meat and vegetables before being fried to a perfect crisp, you'll definitely want to snap up these delicious spring rolls!

Vietnamese food: Fermented pork sausagesicon

Vietnamese food: Fermented pork sausages


Sausages anyone? You can't beat a tasty pork sausage anytime of day, and in Việt Nam, well obviously they are brilliant bangers! Grilled or fried are the most popular choice, with a touch of chilli sauce on the side...

Story of Vietnamese “banh mi” introduced in foreign newspapericon

Story of Vietnamese “banh mi” introduced in foreign newspaper


“Hard to resist” is what Theign Yie Phan, a head chef, describes Vietnamese “banh mi” (sandwich), in an article entitled “Story of the banh mi: Vietnam’s super sandwich that took on the world” run in the South China Morning Post.

Crab thick noodle soupicon

Crab thick noodle soup


Banh canh (thick noodle soup), a traditional dish in central Vietnam, can now be easily found in Hanoi in delightful varieties. Banh canh ghe (crab thick noodle soup) is one of them.

Vietnamese food: Vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp pasteicon

Vietnamese food: Vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste


You’ll find it alongside many a meal in Vietnam to add that little bit of extra flavor and a touch of spice. But shrimp paste comes into its own when its served with vermicelli, pork and tofu.

British chef introduces Vietnamese food to the worldicon

British chef introduces Vietnamese food to the world


Michelin-starred chef John Burton-Race has come to Vietnam to create meals with courses combining European and Vietnamese cuisines.

Food in Vietnam: My Van Thanicon

Food in Vietnam: My Van Than


It may be a dish that originated in China, but mỳ vằn thắn served here of course has a Vietnamese twist. Pork, shrimp, noodles and wontons all topped off with a tasty broth. Have you tried it yet? If not, you're missing out.

Tom kho (Vietnamese simmered prawn)icon

Tom kho (Vietnamese simmered prawn)


As is the case with many other seafoods, “tom”( prawn) is a nutritional food and very good for our health.