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 VietNamNet Bridge - According to authorities in the Central Highlands, loggers are operating in a more organized way and are ready to fight against authorities if they are detected.

Fish die en masse along coast in central Vietnam

In the past few days, many provinces in the central region of Vietnam have reported an abnormal phenomenon – large amounts of fish dying along the coast. The authorities have recommended that locals not eat the dead fish.

ASEAN in the US-China power competition

  VietNamNet Bridge - The U.S. effort to build the image of a ‘benevolent hegemony’ has helped it achieve soft power, thereby balancing the "hard power" of China in Southeast Asia, said Dr. Le Hong Hiep.

The list of 200 members of 12th Party Central Committee

The average age of the 12th Party Central Committee’s 200 members is 53, as according to the list announced by the 12th National Party Congress on the afternoon of January 26.