Vietnamese food: Deep fried pho

Everyone's heard of Vietnamese pho, it is a dish served all over the world. But have you tried deep fried phở? It’s a perfect winter warmer as the cold weather sets in.

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Co Chat silk village keeps thread alive
Co Chat silk village keeps thread alive
YOUR VIETNAMicon  04/01/2020 

Nam Dinh, a rice-growing province in northern Vietnam, has more than 70 craft villages. Co Chat silk village in Truc Ninh district is one of the best known.

Ha Thai lacquer village
Ha Thai lacquer village
YOUR VIETNAMicon  01/01/2020 

Ha Thai lacquer village in Duyen Thai commune in Hanoi’s outlying Thuong Tin district has more than 200 years of experience in making lacquer products. Until the early 20th century the village was called Cu Trang or Dong Thai.

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