VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam’s top striker Le Cong Vinh is the only Vietnamese player in the list of the best scorers of the 14-year-old V-League.


Le Cong Vinh.

V - League 2014 marks the 11th consecutive leagues that Cong Vinh scored goals. In his first V-League in 2004, Cong Vinh was one of the best local scorer with 11 goals.

In later years, Cong Vinh’s achievement was relatively stable, except for 2010 when he suffered from severe injure. That year he scored only one goal.

There are seven leagues that Cong Vinh scored 10 goals or more, with up to 14 goals in 2009. This is still the record for goals in a season for local players. Thanks to the stable performance through 10 football seasons, Cong Vinh is the first player who scored 100 goals at the V-League.




Antonio Carlos would have been able to become the first to pass the 100 goal milestone if he did not face fines.



Antonio Carlos joined the V-League a year later than Cong Vinh. At that time, he had to play behind to support his brother - Henrique Rodrigues so he scored only five goals in the first season.

From the V-League 2006, the Brazilian striker has always been the best scorers. Particularly in the V-League 2008, Antonio Carlos scored 21 goals.

Carlos was also the first to pass the milestone of 70 goals, 80 goals and 90 goals in the V-League. After hitting the 94th goal in the 2013 season, the striker was in conflict with coach Hoang Anh Tuan, so he was a reserve player until the end of the season.

Ahead of the V-League 2014, he fought with Nastja Ceh so Thanh Hoa FC fired him. This is the reason that Cong Vinh overcame Antonio Carlos in the race to break the 100th goal.

Winning the third place in the Top 10 Strikers is Gaston Merlo, who scored 86 goals in less than six seasons for Da Nang FC.

Huynh Kesley Alves is in fourth place with 83 goals. He also holds the record of scoring in 10 consecutive games in the V-League.




Gaston Merlo.




Two Nigerian strikers - Samson (77 goals) and Timothy (71 goals) rank the fifth and sixth but they have the most powerful progress. With an average of about 15 goals per season, this duo will be the main rivals of Cong Vinh in the race to occupy the number one position in the Top 10 scorers of V-League.

The four players at the bottom of the list include: Evaldo (68 goals), Almeida (68 goals), Philani (61 goals) and Elenildo (60 goals) are older and have no longer played in the V-League.

The Top 10 scores in V-League history

1. Le Cong Vinh 100 goals

2. Antonio Carlos Rodrigues 94 goals

3. Gaston Merlo 86 goals

4. Huynh Kesley Alves 83 goals

5. Hoang Vu Samson 77 goals

6. Timothy Anjembe 71 goals

7. Evaldo Rodrigues 68 goals

7. Jose Almeida 68 goals

9. Philani Kubheka 61 goals

10. Elenildo de Jesus 60 goals.

Nam Nguyen