Here are a few shining examples of the amazing people in Viet Nam.


HCM City 95 year old woman makes masks for poor people

95-year-old Ngô Thị Quýt spends her time making face masks to give to the poor in HCM City’s Gò Vấp District.


Hà Nội chef made hundreds of meals for medical staffs

Nguyễn Thanh Thủy, owner of a small restaurant in Hà Nội, has made hundreds of free healthy meals for medical staffs working at National Hospital of Tropical Diseases Facility No. 2, where many COVID – 19 patients are being treated.



Two 15 year old students donated savings of VNĐ200 million

Trần Đức Phương and Bùi Lê Thảo Vy from Bình Phước province have donated VNĐ200 million (US$8,447) to the Việt Nam Fatherland Front Committee. The cash was their savings to study abroad in the future.

VNA Photo Dương Chí Tưởng


A vegetarian shop offers hundreds of free meals for people in HCM City

Bình An vegetarian food shop on Ngô Quyền Street in HCM City’s District 10, offer 1,200-1,400 free meals for people in need every single day.

VNA Photo Văn Phúc


Volunteers deliver charity meals to poor locals in HCM City

Volunteers are travelling all over HCM City taking free meals to people from the Nụ Cười restaurant chain.



Free hand liquid moisturizing soap distributed to Hà Nội residents

Blooming Soap Company in Hà Nội gave away hundreds of free hand liquid moisturising soap to locals and gave 100 bottles to Help Hanoi’s Homeless organisation.



HCMC residents leave food outside for those in need

Kind-hearted locals of HCM City have been leaving free food and necessities outside their houses and stores so those in need can take them for free.

“Free bánh tét during COVID-19”. Photo

“People in need can come and take this home. Duck eggs and instant noodle. Let’s get through COVID-19 together”. Photo

“Struggling people please take one portion. If you are fine please leave these for other people in need. Rice, noodle, rice porridge, mask.” Photo


Facebook user compiled a list of restaurants that sell cheap meals

A Facebook user has gathered a list of restaurants that sell meals at a cheap price (below VNĐ5,000) or give them away for free, so readers can direct struggling locals to such restaurants.

Their post can be found here:

VNS Photo Việt Dũng


Hà Nội University donates food to charity organisation

UNIS Hanoi University has donated their pre-ordered groceries to Blossom House, a charity organisation focusing on helping disadvantaged girls.



Facebook group encourages people to cook more meals for people in need

A Faceook page called Saigon Corona Support Network in HCM City has encouraged people to cook more food than usual, and each person would provide 3 free meals to one person in need in the next 15 days by putting up a sign outside their house.

“Every day at 8am – 12pm – 5pm, come to get food here at my house. I will provide meals for one person in the next 15 days."Photo:


Old lady donates life saving to the fight against COVID-19

87-year-old Đào Thị Huê from Quảng Ngãi province donated VNĐ3 million and her jewelry to pay for emergency supplies. She said if she dies, she can't take her possessions with her.



Old woman donates life savings

84-year-old Đỗ Thị Mơ from Thanh Hóa province donated VNĐ2 million to the government to combat COVID-19. 

VNA Photo