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Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son.

Textbook compilation and distribution and the lack of teachers were the two hot issues at a discussion about the socio-economic situation on November 1.

Son stressed that the country is seriously lacking teachers. One of the reasons behind the shortage is the increase in the number of students going to school. Binh Duong province, for example, has reported an increase of 35,000 students in the new academic year.

The number of teachers quitting their jobs is on the rise with more than 17,000 teachers having left by September. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs reported that localities have not used up their allotted recruitment ‘quota’ of 64,000 teachers. There are many reasons behind this, including the personnel streamlining policy, and the low number of candidates.

Many provinces want to recruit teachers for preschools in accordance with the ‘quota’ assigned to them, but there is no one to recruit. This is attributed to low wages and the high pressure preschool teachers have to bear.

Son said this is a serious problem which needs solutions, including wage policy reform and other comprehensive measures.

Ha Anh Phuong, a National Assembly Deputy from Phu Tho, cited the Party Central Committee Resolution No29 on fundamental and comprehensive renovation in education and training as saying that "teachers' wages must be set at the highest level in the salary scale system for non-business public units, and there are allowances for teachers depending on their work and regions." Administrative and career salary levels and additional allowances depend on the nature of the job and region.

However, in reality, in the last 10 years of implementing the wage regime, the income of teachers remains very low and many teachers cannot earn enough money to cover their living expenses. As a result, they have to take extra jobs.

Phuong mentioned the unreasonable wage scheme for school officers. The officers, accounting for 10 percent of staff, and playing an important role in the operation of schools, do not receive civil service benefits and do not enjoy allowances based on their service length as teachers do, though they also work in the educational sector and work eight hours a day.

Regarding education renovation, Son said that VND213.449 trillion has been spent on the task implementation, including cover expenses and expenditure for investment and development. Of this, VND395.2 billion was on compilation of the new general education program, textbook examination and teacher training.

Tran Thuong