At the meeting.

At the meeting, in a friendly atmosphere, the two sides discussed and agreed on contents related to the preparation of the event.

Accordingly, the 23rd Vietnam - China International Trade Fair will take place from November 10 - 15, 2023 at Kim Thanh Commercial - Industrial Park in Lao Cai province, with 600 - 700 booths of Vietnamese and Chinese businesses.

Lao Cai province is rushing to prepare infrastructure, ceremonies, layout, and arrangement of booths. The Vietnamese organizing board has received registration from 152 organizations and businesses from 46 provinces and cities, with 347 booths.

The Chinese side has received registration from 145 businesses from 8 provinces and cities of China, with 156 booths.

The two sides signed the third meeting minutes, agreeing on a number of contents that will be implemented to prepare for the fair. Accordingly, they will focus on promoting propaganda about the fair; create favorable conditions to support Chinese enterprises, enterprises from other countries and territories to participate in the fair.

The organizing boards of the fair of both sides is responsible for strictly controlling the decoration of booths and exhibition of goods and services; ensuring quality, food hygiene and safety for goods and services; promotional materials, introductions, and presentations of businesses, agencies, units, and delegates of each party at the fair and activities on the sidelines of the fair to ensure compliance with international practices and regulations of the host country. The two sides will actively implement the agreed contents, ensuring progress. If there are any problems, they will promptly inform each other to coordinate and resolve.