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Digital transformation starts with a mind shift. 

ICT Minister answers key questions about digital transformation

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung posed key questions and outlined solutions to digital transformation issues at a recent meeting with officials of the southern province of Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

The Vietnamese brain will decide

"Vietnamese have nothing but brains to develop the country in the future." 

Use of blockchain is step forward in health management

VietNamNet Bridge - Blockchain, with security and transparency, is considered a solution for electronic health record (EHR) management. 

Vietnam struggles to reach 4.0 Industry standards

While some experts are optimistic about Vietnam’s performance in the 4.0 Industry era, mechanical engineering companies believe the country is still beginning the “3.0 industry revolution”.

Enterprises lack workers trained in the newest digital technologies

VietNamNet Bridge - Companies have been slow in reforming their operations because of the shortage of qualified personnel experienced in advanced technologies. 

Vietnamese scientists’ research contributes to advancements in industry

VietNamNet Bridge - Recent findings by Vietnamese scientists and their co-workers have made significant contributions to the world’s industries.

Businesses and schools struggle to cooperate in training programs

VietNamNet Bridge - Some businesses and IT schools are cooperating on a voluntary basis or through agreements, but there is no clear policy that would allow them to work together to produce high quality staff.

What are the right wages for a low-cost labor force?

Will a low-cost labor force continue to help Vietnam attract FDI in the 4.0 industry revolution?

The digital economy: slow progress among Vietnam’s businesses

VietNamNet Bridge - The government has taken serious steps to help the national economy catch up with the 4.0 industry revolution. However, the digitalization of Vietnam’s enterprises is going slowly.

Vietnam’s blockchain development plan still up in the air

VietNamNet Bridge - With five to seven events organized each month, blockchain experts are trying to change the mindset of Vietnamese businesses about blockchain technology.

Banks to face worker shortage in 4.0 industrial era

More than 56 percent of banks recruited new workers in Q3, but 26.6 percent said they still lacked workers, while more than 61 percent of banks planned to recruit more workers in the fourth quarter, a report says.

Software firms have jobs, but lack workers

The high growth rate of software outsourcing and the lack of a labor force in the industry have triggered a vigorous human resources competition among software firms.

Vietnam puts high hopes on three business fields to develop in 4.0 era

Vietnam will gather strength in three production and business fields, considering these the pillars of the national economy in the 4.0 industry revolution era.

In industry 4.0 era, new business models are a must

The newly appointed Minister of Information and Communication Nguyen Manh Hung says that accepting new business models and building up the IoT (internet of things) industry is the only choice for Vietnam in the new technology era.

65% of future jobs yet to be created: educators

Reports say 65 percent of future jobs for those born from 1995 to 2012 have yet be created. 

Vietnam businesses using AI

VietNamNet Bridge -  Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in Vietnam in the fields of healthcare, finance & banking, transport and education. 

Vietnamese good at solving math questions, not math: AI expert

VietNamNet Bridge - Commenting that there is big gap in human resources, Le Cong Thanh, an AI expert, believes that Vietnam lacks expertise to develop artificial intelligence (AI). 

Vietnamese IT students have big opportunities in Japan

VietNamNet Bridge - Many Japanese IT firms are hunting for workers from Vietnam, offering great opportunities to Vietnamese youth who want to live and work in the country.

Small businesses lag behind in preparations for 4.0 era

VietNamNet Bridge - A number of large corporations have adapted well to the 4.0 era, but the majority of small businesses are lagging behind.