Many localities reopen pilot interprovincial bus transport from October 13-18. — VNA/VNS Photo

The MoT has sent a report to Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh to assess the results of the pilot implementation for inter-provincial transport and work out future directions.

According to Deputy Minister of Transport Le Anh Tuan, passengers were still concerned about travelling by interprovincial public bus.

MoT reported that from October 13-18, 48 localities, after receiving approval from their provincial People's Committees, restored inter-provincial passenger transport under a pilot programme.

Fifteen provincial departments of transport have reported to the provincial people's committees on plans to restore passenger transport activities.

From October 13 to 18, the number of operating routes was 588, while bus routes registered by 38 localities was 793.

The actual number of trips per day was 1,037 compared to the number of registered trips of 1,970. The number of operating buses was 944, serving 5,641 passengers.

Tuan also said that requiring drivers and assistants to have had two doses of vaccine was difficult because staff in most localities had only received one dose.

The rate of full vaccination was still low in many localities, he said, meaning there was a low number of passengers moving from provinces to big cities.

The Government’s Resolution 128 (which provides temporary guidance on safe adaptation, flexibility and effective control of the COVID-19 pandemic) stipulated that provinces and cities determined the pandemic level in their localities, but in fact, the announcement in localities was not provided on time.

That led to confusion in organising passenger transport activities in some localities, Tuan said.

MoT proposes Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh to direct the people's committees of provinces and cities to continue supporting the restoration of road passenger transport; to promptly announce the pandemic level in the locality so that departments of transport can resume transport services.

Provinces and cities are also pushing for the full vaccination of drivers, assistants and staff at bus stations and rest stops to ensure personnel for public transport.

Source: Vietnam News

Pilot road passenger transport recovery scheme to start from October 13

Pilot road passenger transport recovery scheme to start from October 13

The Ministry of Transport on October 10 issued a set of temporary regulations on the pilot resumption of road passenger transport while ensuring safety amid COVID-19.