8-year-old Nguyen Ly Thieu Vy has just won the Future Fashion Face World Kids 2024 held in Türkiye.

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 Thieu Vy is "Future Fashion Face World Kids 2024".

“Wearing the Vietnamese sash on my shoulders, I feel very proud and I am more aware of promoting Vietnamese culture and people," Thieu Vy said.

In addition to the crown of the Future Fashion Face World Kids 2024, Thieu Vy was also awarded six subsidiary awards: Model with the Most Beautiful Image, Top International Model, Model with the Most Beautiful Catwalk, Most Perfect Model, Talented Model, and Model with the Most Beautiful National Costume.

Thieu Vy is currently a student at Tran Quoc Toan Primary and Secondary School in Bac Ninh City. Over the past two years, the girl born in 2016 has practiced a lot, from training her demeanor and catwalk ability. With the support of many designers, Thieu Vy has been prepared with impressive, unique costumes, imbued with Vietnamese culture to compete on the international stage.

Thieu Vy also made a 4-minute short film to introduce herself and promote the beauty of Vietnam at Future Fashion Face World Kids 2024. The video showcases many famous landscapes of Vietnam, such as Ha Giang, Ninh Binh, and Hanoi. 

The little girl sends greetings in three languages: Vietnamese, English, and Chinese. She also introduces unique, colorful costumes with brocade skirts, Ao Dai printed with the map of Vietnam, designer Nhat Binh's Ao Dai, and Ao tu than (traditional outfit of Vietnamese women in northern Vietnam in the past). This short film made a strong impression, helping her score points in the Cultural Promotion contest.

Thieu Vy's mother, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang, said that her child practices from 9:30 am to 12 am daily, only taking a lunch break of about an hour. Although it is hard, Thieu Vy is very happy, never complaining or showing signs of fatigue.

Teacher Nguyen Thi Nga, Principal of Tran Quoc Toan Primary and Secondary School, Bac Ninh City said: "Thieu Vy's achievements are very honorable. The school always creates conditions for her to demonstrate her full potential in both studying and participating in artistic activities."

Child model Thieu Vy has been passionate about fashion shows since she was a child and showed her talent early. With her mother's support in developing her talent, she participated in many child model training courses and performed in many children's shows such as Vietnam International Kids Star Award 2022 and Super Model Kid 2022. Thieu Vy has also taken on the vedette position many times on big stages with famous beauties in Vietnamese showbiz.

In November 2023, Thieu Vy attracted public attention with a clip wearing Ao Dai with a map of Vietnam on Shenzhen walking street, China. After a few days of posting on social media, the clip surpassed 1.5 million views.

Thieu Vy's national costume was designed by Nguyen Viet Hung.

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Miss Vietnam Do Thi Ha, Thieu Vy performed in the collection of designer Thach Linh.

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Thieu Vy has been passionate about fashion shows since she was very young.

Tinh Le