VietNamNet Bridge - In the early morning of August 21, a lot of “dead pits” appeared in Thuy Son residential area in the city of Cam Pha, Quang Ninh province. There are pits of more than 10m wide, 5 m deep. Nearly a dozen of households were removed.


The phenomenon of subsidence occurred at around 5am on August 21.

A local man, Mr. Luu Dinh Son said: "I got up in the morning and opened the door but I could not because the door was blocked by soil and rock since the wall was sunk." He had to call neighbors to help. A small pothole on the road near his home became a deep pit.

At noon of the same day, the phenomenon of subsidence continued. Up to five pits appeared in the area, with the largest holes of more than 10 m wide, 5 m deep.







Nearly a dozen of houses in the area had walls, yards, kitchens cracked and sunk and may collapse anytime.

Mr. Vu Van Hien, chairman of Cam Son Ward said the local authorities were trying to fill the "pits of death" by rocks to ensure traffic safety and the safety of lives and property of the people.

Dozens of households in the affected area were helped to evacuate.