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A visit to famous tea hill in the central region

Beautiful landscapes and unique local culture are what make Dong Giang Tea Hill in Quang Nam Province fascinating to travelers.

Young tea buds on Dong Giang Tea Hill. – SGT Photos: Huyen My

Dong Giang Tea Hill in Quyet Thang Plantation, Quang Nam Province, is inside Ba Na ecozone to the west of Chua Mountain. The area is home to primary forests whose abundant vegetation still remains largely untouched.

It takes an hour to travel from Danang City to this biggest and most famous tea farm in Quang Nam. The destination attracts tourists with the green color of young tea buds as well as its pure air. Additionally, the charming vast tea hill is preferred by couples choosing a venue for their pre-wedding photography.

Co Tu people dancing to welcome tourists.

Aside from photo sessions and picnic activities, visitors can explore Co Tu ethnic people’s culture in their Vau Village at the foot of Ba Na Mountain. Locals welcome guests by artistic performances and then instruct visitors how to make brocade carpets and do knitting. Their Guoi and Moong stilt houses in unique architecture are also worth a visit.

In the peaceful village, visitors can listen to the soothing murmur of flowing streams. At sunrise and sunset, they would admire Chua and Ba Na mountains half hidden in fog.
To end the trip, try local specialties, such as grilled meat in tube, com lam (rice in bamboo tube), wild herbs and fishes caught from streams.

Source: Saigon Times

Charming nature and culture in Tay Giang

Charming nature and culture in Tay Giang

Trekking to po mu (Fokienia) forest, admiring terraced rice fields embraced by zig zag streams, talking with friendly Co Tu ethnic people are some of the unforgettable experiences after my two-day trip to Tay Giang in Quang Nam Province.

Ba Na Hills - from a neglected mountain town to a tourism Mecca

Ba Na Hills - from a neglected mountain town to a tourism Mecca

VietNamNet Global - Da Nang people used to have a saying: “If you haven’t driven up to Ba Na Hills, you are not a real man.” That’s to say, only hardy travelers would brave the steep, zigzagging roads.