The once-bare forests burst forth in greenness as time went by…

The first stop of the journey, Meo Vac district in Ha Giang province has witnessed a remarkable transformation as previously barren lands and bare hills have been converted into lush cunninghamia forests. This incredible change is the result of the "Action for a Green Vietnam" program, which is jointly organized by Unilever Vietnam Co., Ltd , OMO brand and the Center for Communication of Resources and Environment of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) 

Two years ago, the initial donation and planting of cunninghamia trees took place in this area, and today, it boasts a vibrant green scenery, courtesy of approximately 30,000 thriving cunninghamia trees.

The purpose of planting trees is not simply to promote afforestation, but also to keep the soil from erosion and landslides. Originating from the people's genuine struggles, the afforestation support initiative launched by Unilever Vietnam is intended to contribute to the greening of forests while also enhancing local residents' quality of life. 

"Just two years ago, they were still barren hills…,” said Mr. Te Van Lam, Deputy Head of the Department of Agriculture & Rural Development of Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province, pointing towards the green cunninghamia hills. 

Mr. Lam highlighted the significant impact of this endeavor, stating that the transformation of previously barren lands and bare hills into lush greenery has raised awareness among the district's residents about the importance of forest conservation. This represents a remarkable transformation brought about by the forest.

The hopes and dreams of the people are embedded in every seed that is sown and every tree that is irrigated. The initial cinnamon trees, which were planted by Unilever Vietnam in Cam Lo district of Quang Tri province, instill the confidence in a future that is free from erosion, floods, and a more sustainable living environment.

"Quang Tri is a province with a large forest area and suitable conditions for the development of planted forests, protection forests. The implementation of cinnamon placed in Quang Trị will help prevent soil erosion during the rainy season, increase groundwater levels during the dry season, reduce wind intensity during the stormy season, and create a part of sustenance for households living in the forest fringe areas" said Mr. Pham Viet Thanh, Head of the Department of Agriculture & Rural Development of Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province.

In December 2022, Unilever Vietnam, in collaboration with the MONRE’s Center for Communication of Resources and Environment, continued to organize the tree planting program "Action for a Green Vietnam", donating 150,000 trees to Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province

"When compared to other crops, cinnamon provides a high, sustained, and consistent revenue since it is both a forest seedling and a perennial medicinal plant. Starting next year, planted cinnamon trees can be harvested. Everyone is thrilled to see the cinnamon hill get greener day by day,” Thanh added. 

The 150,000 cinnamon trees not only contribute to the preservation and protection of the environment in the area, but also ignite a sense of optimism for a thriving and prosperous economy among the local population

The journey of a green business “for a greener Vietnam”

Since 2021, Unilever Vietnam's 3-year green journey has resulted in the planting of 440,000 green trees and the sowing of 60,000 seed balls across 19 provinces, cities, and 9 national parks in the country. 

This initiative serves as practical evidence of their commitment. Their goal is to plant 1 million trees between 2021 and 2025, with a focus on protecting forests, national forests, city trees in schools, and urban areas. To achieve this, Unilever Vietnam, in collaboration with the OMO brand and the MONRE’s Center for Communication of Resources and Environment, has launched the tree planting program "Action for a Green Program."

This year, the "Action for a Green Vietnam" program continues to award 250,000 trees to Nghia Lo town of Yen Bai province and Lao Cai province, conveying the desire for socio-economic development to the people here, aiming at environmental protection and sustainable development.

250,000 trees were donated to Nghia Lo commune, Yen Bai province by Unilever Vietnam and the MONRE’s Center for Communication of Resources and Environment

The Vietnam Nature and Environment Protection Association explains that a tree that reaches a height of over 30 meters can absorb about 22.7 kg of CO2 per year. Moreover, a mature tree can produce enough oxygen for an average of 4 people through the process of photosynthesis. As a result, "Action for a Green Vietnam" not only focuses on protecting forests and assisting local communities, but also represents Unilever's dedication to sustainable methods and contributing to Vietnam's Net Zero goal.

In the strategy focusing on green and sustainable development, in addition to the tree planting program, Unilever Vietnam also actively implements green transition activities in business operations. 

From reducing emissions in internal operations by promoting initiatives to switch to clean energy, renewable energy, saving, recycling and reusing electricity, circular economy... to reducing emissions throughout the value chain by cooperating, joining hands with partners in the value chain to implement solutions to reduce greenhouse gasses. 

At the seminar in May 2022, Unilever and more than 200 partners in the entire supply chain committed to action for the climate through cooperation for building a carbon-free value chain by 2039.

In September 2023, Unilever Vietnam was honored by Ho Chi Minh City for the efforts to invest in technology innovation, apply green criteria in production and business, which contributed to building a clean living and working environment

Accompanying Unilever Vietnam and the OMO brand from the early days of the program, Mr. Vu Minh Ly - Deputy Director of the MONRE’s Center for Communication of Resources and Environment said: "Annually, we witness serious impacts from natural disasters and extreme weather phenomena with extremely heavy consequences, more than anyone, we are imbued with the meaning of planting trees, greening bare hills, restoring ecosystems across the country. "For A Green Vietnam", planting trees for today's and future generations is also to repair, correct mistakes in handling nature in the past, bringing Vietnam to be a model, an attractive destination for harmonious life with nature on the world map.”

Mr. Shawn Tan, Director of Laundry Business, representative of the OMO brand said: “In the context of environmental disasters increasingly taking place more harshly, the OMO brand wants to contribute and encourage consumers to participate in planting green trees to protect forests, protect the living environment, and aim for sustainable development for the future. Therefore, the OMO brand sets a goal to plant an additional 1 million green trees for Vietnam through the campaign "Dirty for Vietnam's Green Shield" phase 2021 - 2025 with the companionship and support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to inspire parents and children to join hands to create green protection forests for Vietnam”.