VietNamNet Bridge – Being addicted to computer games, a boy was stripped by his father, tied to an electric pole along the road in the cold of below 15 degrees Celsius.


At 9am on February 21, many passers-by saw a skinny boy of around 10 years old who was naked and tied to an electric pole along the road of Xuan Uc village in Thuan Thien Commune, Kien Thuy District, Hai Phong city. The boy cried bitterly in the cold of under 15 degrees Celsius.

At that time, the care of a traffic inspection team of the Hai Phong City Department of Transportation passed through. Seeing the scene, they immediately turned back.

Seeing the car coming, the boy’s father immediately ran out from his house to unbind the boy.

The traffic inspectors recommended that the father could not teach his son that way and asked him to take the boy home for dressing.

This man explained that he applied such cruel “educating” method to his son to "educate, deter, threaten ..." the boy and to make him to be ashamed to other people and his friends to not dare to drop out of school to play video games.

The local police Chief Nguyen Van Sinh said the father who stripped his son and tied to the roadside electric pole for humiliation is Vu Van Hieu, 54.

The humiliated boy is Hieu’s youngest son named Vu Van D, 13, a seventh grader of Thuan Thien junior high school.

Tien Phong