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Thai floods cause 200-kilometer traffic tailback; death toll up to 25

 Flash floods in southern Thailand washed out a bridge on the country's main north-south highway on Tuesday, backing up traffic for 200 km (125 miles) as the death toll from days of unseasonable rain rose to 25,

How will Brexit affect farming in Vietnam?

 VietNamNet Bridge – The EU has been an important consumption market for Vietnam agribusiness for decades and Brexit is leaving farmers deeply conflicted on what the ultimate outcome on their livelihoods would be.

Air France strike affects Vietnam Airlines routes

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam Airlines has warned its passengers who plan to travel between Viet Nam and France or transit through Paris to keep updated on flight schedules which might be affected by French pilots’ four-day strike since Saturday.

Nearly 30 million Vietnamese non-smokers are passive smokers

 VietNamNet Bridge – Cigarette smoke affects some 30 million non-smokers, especially women and children in Viet Nam, according to the Ministry of Health.

Flooding by Brazil dams affects Amazon rainforest, satellite maps show

 Dams along the Madeira River in western Brazil have flooded 36,100 hectares of rainforest, according to satellite images released on Wednesday, affecting people who live along the river and harming fish populations upon which they depend.

Hydropower plants likely to affect Mekong River’s fishery resources: experts

While hydroelectricity is considered as a “green” energy source, such projects along the Mekong River have been placing adverse impacts on fishery resources as well as people residing by this water body, experts argued.

Land price proposal affects 97,000 households, individuals in HCM City

VietNamNet Bridge – More than 97,000 households and individuals in HCMC will be affected by the new land prices proposed by the HCMC Department of Natural Resources and Environment if they are approved.

Climate change affects children

 VietNamNet Bridge – Migrant and homeless children, children living in informal housing and children engaged in labour were more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change in Da Nang.