Since he was very young, unlike his peers, Truong Van Bo has nurtured a great passion for miniature houses.


Truong Van Bo’s models mainly feature traditional architecture.

Accidentally watching a programme on communal houses via television, the seven-year-old boy fell in love with ancient Vietnamese architecture.

The image of grandparents sitting on a bamboo bed in front of the house is very familiar in many people's childhood memories.

The small and beautiful miniatures contain a lot of memories.

With the aspiration of preserving cultural identity, Truong Van Bo’s miniatures are made carefully in detail thanks to his thorough years of study.

Many guests have met Bo and ordered the miniature models of ancient houses in which they lived during their childhood.

The meticulousness, persistence and perseverance of the 9x man is shown through the details of miniature models.

The materials for these “special items” are soil, sand, mortar and cement.

To make unique models, Bo performs each stage meticulously and carefully, from ideas, to study and creation.

Bo’s miniatures of communal houses, pagodas and temples are inspired by the typical architecture of the Ly, Tran and Nguyen feudal dynasties with unique dragon and phoenix patterns.

To make realistic models, each tile and tree must be genuine. The plants in the miniatures were selected pruned and cared for.

Villages have gradually changed as modern houses have increasingly replaced the ancient houses with their mossy roof tiles.

Truong Van Bo has always cherished his ambition of preserving the forefathers’ heritage by his own strange way.

Source: Nhan Dan