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Students run non-profit animal shelter

Generations of VNUA students with a shared love for pets have voluntarily run a shelter for the past nine years, being guardian angels of nearly 10,000 animals in distress.

Adopt, don’t shop: rising demand for pets heightens risk of maltreatment

The proliferating breeding industry in Vietnam, driven by an increasing demand for pets, is trapping many puppies born out of farms with little or no welfare in a vicious cycle of suffering.

Most Vietnamese want ban on trade of dog and cat meat: survey

Up to 95% of Vietnamese people think that eating dog and cat meat is not part of Vietnamese culture, according to a survey.

A dying breed: Dak Lak elephants set for better welfare

More elephants in the Central Highlands of Vietnam are set to retire from their laborious and controversial work in tourism from 2022, amid growing concern over the welfare of this extraordinary animal that is on the brink of extinction.

Elephant rides for tourists in Dak Lak to end soon

Dak Lak will put an end to activities affecting the welfare of domestic elephants, including tourist elephant rides, competitions for elephants, marches for hours, or recreation of hunting and taming scenes with elephants.

Hoi An is first locality to commit not to eat dog and cat meat

Hoi An ancient town on December 10 held an online signing ceremony with the FOUR PAWS organization on its commitment to eliminate the use of dog and cat meat. 

Special “patients” of the 88-year-old teacher

Over the past 10 years, the free acupuncture clinic of an 88-year-old-teacher Pham Xuan Van in Hanoi has brought a ray of hope to pets with disabilities. 

Investigation launched to find killers of endangered langurs in Quang Ngai

Local ranger and police forces have been tracking illegal hunters who killed five grey-shanked douc langurs (pygathrix cinerea). 

Five rare gray-shanked douc langurs shot dead in central Vietnam

A group of hunters have been suspected of shooting dead five rare gray-shanked douc langurs in a forest in Quang Ngai province, central Vietnam, local authorities said on October 18.

Less dog and cat meat comsumed in Hanoi, but still rampant

Hanoi’s authorities have called on its residents to refrain from eating dog and cat meat in order to promote a “civilized” image for the capital city.

Woman in Da Nang runs shelter for homeless dogs and cats

Two years ago, Le Thi Thanh Chi surprised everyone when she sold her large house in the centre of Da Nang City and moved to a one-storey property close to the forest and totally isolated from residential areas.

Quang Ngai residents strive to save 700-kg whale

Local people in Duc Minh commune, Mo Duc district, Quang Ngai, were sparing no effort to save a 700-kg whale pushed ashore, said Chairman of the Duc Minh Commune People’s Committee Vo Minh Quang on February 17.

One more elephant in Dak Lak dies

A 59-year-old elephant in Dak Lak Province which carried tourists on sightseeing trips for many years has died, according to the provincial Elephant Conservation Centre.

Animal protection to be taught in school

Around eight million primary pupils will be taught about wild animal protection at schools in 2019-2020 school year.

Frenchman’s call for animal protection

 VietNamNet Bridge – Leopold Vincent spends his time on meals in a completely different way. He lives all alone, but the middle-aged Frenchman prepares a lot of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.