ASEAN+3 countries talk ways to ensure cyber security hinh anh 1


Nam made the statement at the ASEAN+3 (China, Japan, the Republic of Korea) Conference on "Promotion of International Cooperation in Ensuring Cyber Security and Preventing Cybercrime" held on December 28 by the Ministry of Public Security.

He said cyber security had become more and more important to ensure sustainable development amid the rapid development of the ASEAN economy and strong penetration of smart devices and breakthrough network technology data in daily life.

“Cyber security has become one of the biggest non-traditional security challenges. The internet has been compared with a weapon of mass destruction, threatening the national economy, social security and having direct impacts on human life. This requires the ASEAN countries to constantly make efforts to improve their capacity to ensure comprehensive security and prevent cybercrime,” he noted.

The ASEAN countries and their three dialogue partners have shared experience in ensuring cyber security and cooperated in improving the capacity of coping with cyber attacks, cyber terrorism, cybercrime and high-tech crime.

According to Nam, in the context of emerging multilateralism and rules-based international cooperation, the ASEAN+3 countries should continue to diversify international cooperation in cyber security.

He proposed the ASEAN countries and their three partners strengthen dialogues and share experience, focusing on issues that are of common interest and might pose threats to the region.

The nations must continue to coordinate in combating and handling cybercrime, organized high-tech and transnational crimes to ensure regional security and strengthen cooperation among law enforcement agencies. They should prioritise the development of high-quality human resources, he said.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, during 2020, the ASEAN+3 countries have conducted a number of campaigns to crack down on online fraud, spreading malicious codes over the internet.

The Vietnamese ministry has promoted cooperation with law enforcement agencies of the ASEAN+3 countries to investigate, verify and handle many high-tech crime cases./.VNA