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Authority warns of scam South Korea labour export programmes

The Department of Overseas Labour under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs have warned about scams targeting people who want to work in technical occupations in South Korea.
From April 2022, the Korean Government has expanded the policy of accepting foreign workers to work in technical occupations known as E7 visa holders, including shipbuilding workers, welders, painters and electricians. Illustrative

According to the department, it was informed about advertisements on training classes and recruitment for working in South Korea with an E7 visa by individuals and organisations that are not licensed to send workers to work abroad.

From April 2022, the Korean Government has expanded the policy of accepting foreign workers to work in technical occupations known as E7 visa holders, including shipbuilding workers, welders, painters and electricians.

Accordingly, to work in the shipbuilding industry, foreign workers need to meet the conditions and standards according to the new regulations in Korea.

The country abolished the quota system for recruiting foreign E7-visa workers for shipbuilding welders and painters. The abolition of the quota will help enterprises to recruit more foreign workers to meet the needs of each enterprise.

Besides, South Korea also reduced the working experience conditions. Labourers who have graduated from university or higher with a major in recruitment are exempt from work experience requirements. Those graduating from high school or college or higher must have at least two years of experience in the recruitment industry instead of five years.

The Department of Overseas Labour highly recommends people who want to work in South Korea with an E7-visa directly contact enterprises that can lawfully send workers to work abroad to receive proper consultation and instruction.

They can reach the authority at 41B Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi or phone numbers 0243 8249517 ext 301 and 302.

Since the Government of South Korea changed rules on the E7 visa in April this year, the country expected to offer job opportunities for 4,428 skilled foreign shipyard workers at 335 small businesses partnering with seven local shipbuilding and marine companies.

Those eligible are welders, painters, electrical engineers and plant engineers.

In previous years, only up to 600 welders and 300 painters were allowed to work in Korea each year. But the number of E-7 visa holders in the industry will be limited to 4,428, a 20 per cent ceiling to protect the job security of their 22,142 local peers.

Overseas labourers working in South Korea currently have an income ranging from US$1,400-800 per month. They mainly work as a crew of near-shore and offshore fishing vessels, people with technical expertise, and seasonal agriculture and fisheries workers who work in South Korea under the cooperation mechanism between localities of the two countries.

Vietnam has more than 600,000 workers working in 50 countries and territories, sending home nearly $4 billion through official channels each year.

Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are still significant markets attracting over 90 per cent of Vietnamese workers working abroad. It is reported that about 250,000 Vietnamese workers are working in Japan, 230,000 in Taiwan and 40,000 in South Korea. 

Source: Vietnam News


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