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Hospitals bemoan autonomy trial flop

After a trial period of two years, state-owned central hospitals are seeking to cease comprehensive autonomy because of financial challenges and legal complications, urging more legal changes ahead.

Bach Mai Hospital faces mass resignation of staff

More than 200 workers at Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital, the country’s leading hospital, have resigned from their posts. Some practitioners said they had left because of unreasonable changes in management.

Hospitals struggling for autonomy

Adding to the challenges brought forward last year, a lack of hospital fee increases in 2021 could put top-tier public hospitals in a war of nerves as they attempt to obtain autonomy.

Private schools in Vietnam rush to enroll students in healthcare majors

The demand for doctors and medical workers is high, but the workforce for the healthcare sector is produced only by several public schools. This has prompted private schools to jump on the bandwagon.

Vietnam's state-owned schools raise tuition to controversial levels

Some educators have warned that the sharp rise in tuition set by state-owned schools will deprive poor but good students of opportunities to access higher education.

Higher education tuition concerns poor students

The PM has allowed 23 state-owned universities to apply the autonomy mechanism, which means that the schools have the right to set tuition themselves.

Autonomy is the key to tertiary education improvement: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - The Hanoi National University mentioned the removal of the ‘governing body’ mechanism and the application of the autonomy policy as the key to improve the quality of university education.

Universities want autonomy but still need the state’s money

VietNamNet Bridge - The National Assembly’s Committee for Culture, Education, the Youth and Children has completed a program on supervising the implementation of the University Education Law at 16 universities in seven cities and provinces.

Universities reluctant to make enrollment decisions on their own

VietNamNet Bridge - Most universities have rejected autonomy in enrollment decisions, saying it is too costly to organize entrance exams to select the best students. 

Tertiary education: how to start removing governing mechanism?

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) is building up a plan on removing the governing mechanism to be applied on a trial basis at three universities. 

Three universities seek governing autonomy

Hanoi Economics University, HCM City Economics University and Hanoi University of Science & Technology are considering a policy which would allow them to become independent from the Ministry of Education & Training (MOET).

Universities say they are not really fully ‘autonomous’

Under a pilot scheme, some state-owned universities are allowed to make their own decisions on investment, procurement and finance, but they have to ask the management body for approval for anything they intend to do.

State-owned schools complain about restrictions in autonomy policy

Twenty-three state-owned universities are following the autonomy policy on a trial basis under a government resolution. However, they say they don’t have the right to make decisions on personnel and budgeting. 

Universities with partial autonomy rush to open new majors

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts have shown their concern about the opening of too many new subject majors, warning that instructional quality could decline.

Universities with partial autonomy struggle with finances

VietNamNet Bridge - Some universities have been given autonomy, or the right to determine their training plans and financial issues, but still cannot make important decisions which affect their survival. 

Autonomy policy at universities not working as well as expected

VietNamNet Bridge - Universities have been told to become independent from the state and determine their destinies, but they have not been given the right to make decisions.

University autonomy improves training quality

Financial autonomy has helped many universities in HCM City improve their facilities, human resources, scientific research and training quality, thereby building a brand name both locally and internationally.

Universities reluctant to use new managerial autonomy

Educators in the past complained about their lack of freedom in making important decisions about school operations, and were later granted more autonomy by the Ministry of Education and Training. But some of them are now  reluctant to use it.

Universities still have little autonomy

 Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has bemoaned the slow process of delegating more power to universities to enhance their autonomy, saying relevant agencies should accelerate the process to increase the quality of education.

More autonomy for local governments suggested

VietNamNet Bridge – A conference was held in HCM City recently to collect experts’ opinion on chapter 9 of the draft amendment to the Constitution 1992 on “local government.”