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With a vote of confidence of 100%, Mr. Nguyen Dang Binh, Deputy Secretary of Bac Kan Provincial Party Committee was elected as Chairman of Bac Kan Provincial People's Committee for the 2021-2026 term.

Discovering Tham Phay mysterious cave in Bac Kan

Located in the vast forest of Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province, Tham Phay Cave in Na Slai Village, Hoang Tri Commune beckons adventurous travellers to conquer its pristine and mysterious beauty.

Ba Be fermented sour shrimp - a must try in Bac Kan

Tom chua (fermented sour shrimp) is a specialty of Vietnam and can be found in several provinces and cities, but the most delicious dish comes from the northern mountainous province of Bac Kan’s Ba Be Lake, according to chef Pham Tuan Hai.


Tran Hung Dao forest – birthplace of Vietnam People’s Army

Tran Hung Dao forest, a special national relic at the foot of Sam Cao hill, is 50 kilometers from the center of Cao Bang city. This relic site complex is associated with the establishment of the Vietnam People’s Army in 1944.

Police bust two major drug trafficking cases, seizing over 70kg of narcotics

Police in Ky Son District in the central province of Nghe An announced on Saturday they have arrested three men for allegedly trafficking 20 bricks of heroin, 60kg of methamphetamine and 4kg of ketamine.

Bac Kan’s ethnic women sell local products online

Using Facebook and other social media platforms to sell products is nothing new among urban communities.

Bac Kan to prosecute deforestation culprits

Police in Bach Thong District, Bac Kan Province have reported that they are rushing to file prosecution documents against people involved in recent incidents of illegal deforestation.

Smoked sausage delights

 VietNamNet Bridge – Lạp xưởng is a popular dish made across Vietnam, but the best comes from Tay ethnic group in the northern mountain Bac Kan Province. 

Illgal gold mineral exploitation rampant in Bac Kan

 VietNamNet Bridge – Illegal gold mining in the Kim Hy Nature Reserve in the northern province of Bac Kan continues to be a puzzle for authorities despite their best efforts to put an end to the activity.

Bac Kan Province struggles to control illegal mining

 VietNamNet Bridge – Authorities are struggling to control illegal mineral mining and transportation in the northern province of Bac Kan.

Sink holes plague Bac Kan Province

 VietNamNet Bridge – Sink holes have been appearing over the past month in the Cho Don District of the northern mountain province of Bac Kan, generating anxiety among local residents.

Man holds unique photo collection of President Ho

 VietNamNet Bridge – A middle-aged man in Bac Kan City, northern province of Bac Kan, has immersed himself in a unique interest for 30 years: collecting photos of President Ho taken throughout his life.

Kim Hy Park under threat in Bac Kan

VietNamNet Bridge – Illegal logging and gold mining are threatening to destroy Kim Hy Nature Reserve in this northern province in spite of local authorities' prevention efforts. 

Old woman contributes to preserving cultural characteristics of Red Dao people

VietNamNet Bridge – Trieu Thi Sinh, a Red Dao woman in Cho Dong District, Ban Cuon 2 Town, Ngoc Phai Commune, Bac Kan Province, has been known as a veteran and talented tailor of her ethnic group’s traditional costumes.

Red mud spill damages rice fields in Bac Kan

 VietNamNet Bridge – Around 11,000 cubic metres of red mud spilled from a reservoir belonging to the Material and Complete Equipment Export-Import Corporation last Saturday, clogging up a nearby stream and terraced fields in Ngoc Phai Commune

Large families worsen poverty in rural areas

 VietNamNet Bridge – Most ethnic families in the northern mountain province of Bac Kan still prefer to raise many children, even though local authorities say this is negatively affecting family finances and creating employment,

Puong Cave – home to bats and stalactites

 VietNamNet Bridge – Puong Cave formed by the Nang River that flows under the limestone among the vertical cliffs of Lung Nham Limestone Mountain is where tourists should visit to trace vestiges of time and riddles of nature.

Ba Be boasts magnificent fresh water lake

VietNamNet Bridge – Ba Be National Park in the northern province of Bac Kan has one of the world’s 20 biggest natural lakes, which is worth cruising to indulge into the world of crystal blue stream, magnificent limestone cliffs and mysterious caves.

Scientists discover 6,000-year-old corpses in Bac Kan Province

 VietNamNet Bridge – Six corpses, dating to 6,000 years ago, have been unearthed in a cave in Ngan Son District of northern Bac Kan Province, according to scientists from the Viet Nam Archaeology Institute.

Authentic travel

VietNamNet Bridge – Top class hotels and resorts may provide visitors to Vietnam with plenty of options for comfortable trips with high-class facilities and services, but if you really want a local taste of life here, a homestay is hard to beat.