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Banh mi spreads the love during difficult times

Bread rolls, or banh mi, are a familiar dish among Vietnamese people and also one of the different types of street food foreign visitors love. 


In Da Nang city and the nearby ancient town of Hoi An, a group of young people recently started handing out free banh mi to those in need.

Ms Thai Thi Thang has been selling lottery tickets in Da Nang for years. From the little she earns, she sends money to her family and skips breakfast to save even more. Now, though, she’s been receiving free red-coloured banh mi from a group of young people.

Other street vendors and poor workers in need have also been given a free banh mi. The fancy red colour is completely natural, made from beetroot juice, red dragon fruit, and turmeric.

Bread decorated with red flags and yellow stars still shine brightly around Da Nang’s streets. The biggest return these young people earn is the warm smiles of the people they help./.VNA

Enjoy the unique black banh mi of Quang Ninh

Enjoy the unique black banh mi of Quang Ninh

Bread comes in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. There’s traditional loaves, burger buns, baguettes and of course, banh mi.

Four famous bread stands in HCM City

Four famous bread stands in HCM City

Bay Ho, bread stand 61, Hong Van, and grilled meat 37 are among the most popular places to purchase bread for local people in Ho Chi Minh City, with each establishment developing its own taste over many years.