Quang has stopped taking orders, though the Tet holiday will come in only after one month. The existing orders are enough to keep him busy for one more month, he said.

Quang is called the ‘crocheting magician’ because of his clever hands and creative mind. He can create many beautiful and luxurious flower products for decoration from simple materials, favored by many people.

Having spent more than 10 years creating woolen flowers, Quang said that crocheting skills are not too complicated, but the work requires patience and perseverance, and only those who have a passion for the career can undertake it.

He said everyone can create flowers if they are creative, because there are different materials nowadays with different sizes of wool and diverse colors.

In general, orders begin coming in October, or four months before Tet. Wooden pots of peaches, apricots, daisies and roses are the most wanted. However, in order to satisfy demand which soars before Tet, he has to prepare for the production season at the beginning of the year.

According to Quang, the design of flower pots must be balanced and the color harmonious, while the crochet must be uniform and silky. He makes flowers from wool, and stamens, buds and leaves from clay. The trunks are made of printed paper.

Making every petal takes a lot of time. It is an art to make flowers which look like real ones.

It takes Quang 10-15 minutes to make a flower on average. However, he has to spend 45 minutes to create a marigold, because it is more difficult.

The time needed to make a pot of flowers is different, depending on the number of flowers the clients want and the complexity of the flowers. However, he usually makes a pot of flowers within 2-5 days.

The price of the woolen flowers varies, ranging from VND900,000-15 million. The pots of peach and apricot flowers with a height of 80 centimeters are VND2-5 million and are the most favored.

Quang said he has sold thousands of woolen flowers for the Tet market so far.

Handmade artificial flowers from cotton fibers have become more favored in recent years, because they look original and can be preserved for a long time. The demand is very high in the market. People buy flowers for decoration in their homes or as gifts. 

Nhat Thanh

Vu Dai villagers start braising traditional fish for Tet holiday

Vu Dai villagers start braising traditional fish for Tet holiday

Villagers in Vu Dai Village in the Northern Province of Ha Nam which is famous through Chi Pheo story of author Nam Cao, a resident in the village, are busy at preparing their traditional braised fish for Tet holidays.

Traditional food shops in Hanoi where customers have to line up

Traditional food shops in Hanoi where customers have to line up

At some popular restaurants in Hanoi, customers still have to line up to wait for their turn.