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Bia Hoi (draught beer) is not merely a favorite drink of the local people but going to a Bia Hoi is also a popular activity.

Hanoi roadside beer shops desolate due to stricter penalties on drunk driving

Though it could be sad news for business owners, it promotes the safer environment for Hanoi citizens as risks may be derived from just a beer glass.

Christmas brings joy to shoppers, retailers alike

Christmas they say, is a time for giving. But for many businesses around the country, it is prime time to receive as well.

Vietnam dreams of sleepless nightlife

The itinerary for a tourist visiting Hanoi typically includes some sightseeing for Instagram photos and trying out a bowl of ‘pho’ or a ‘banh mi’, possibly with a cup of egg coffee.


The hidden treasures of Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam is a popular destination for many adventurous tourists to enjoy street food, pagodas and beautiful landscape. One other distinct tourist experience is Bia Hoi (draught beer)

Hanoi draft beer among the cheapest in the world

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam is listed in first place among the top five destinations serving the cheapest beer in the world, according to Thrillist edition - a leading men's digital lifestyle brand.

Microbreweries in Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge - Since I came to Vietnam, 1.5 years ago, a newer ending search for good beer and breweries has been going on. Beer consumption here is high and everywhere you find people drinking beer.

Leave your comfort zone on the road to personal growth

VietNamNet Bridge – Life as an expat can be unbelievably comfortable. Many of us are incredibly fortunate in that our standard of living in Viet Nam is higher than in the places we left behind.