Big C

Update news Big C

Big C, Metro, Tran Anh and Vien Thong A, once powerful retail giants, have disappeared after takeover deals.

COVID-19 drags Central Group down?

No emergency measures to deal with the health crisis by Central Group can balance out a compulsory temporary closure.

Vietnamese businesses led retailers’ game in 2019

Many M&A deals in the retail market were made in 2019, but unlike previous years, Vietnamese groups ‘conducted the choir’.

Latest retail movements in Vietnam amidst escalating COVID-19 pandemic

While COVID-19 will disrupting FMCG businesses, not all product categories and retailers will see a negative impact, according to Kantar Worldpanel Vietnam.

Virus rouses food safety awareness in Vietnam

Supermarkets and retailers in Vietnam are making bank from the public rushing to stock up on indispensable food supplies, which could ultimately push forward an increase in awareness of food handling and safety.

Christmas brings joy to shoppers, retailers alike

Christmas they say, is a time for giving. But for many businesses around the country, it is prime time to receive as well.

Vietnamese products attract foreign distribution channels

Vietnamese products are attractive to foreign distribution channels as lots of purchase departments of foreign distribution channels have arrived in Vietnam to speed up purchasing contracts with local enterprises.

Makers of Vietnamese goods seek foothold in Thailand

Many Vietnamese products' availability at large supermarkets in Thailand will act as a springboard for Vietnamese goods to reach the regional market.

Vietnamese retail market is hot, but not for all

Foreign retailers started coming to Vietnam 20 years ago but many of them have had to leave.

The underground power of supermarkets

Transporting goods to supermarkets is an arduous journey for manufacturing enterprises, especially small and medium ones.

Some foreign retailers leave Vietnam’s $180 billion market - Why?

Some foreign retail groups have left Vietnam recently. Is this because the retail market is no longer attractive?

Businesses need to improve

Businesses have been told to make high-quality products to attract customers and use different distribution chains to optimize their profits.

Is it necessary to set regulations on discount rates at supermarkets?

There is no regulation about the discount rates suppliers have to pay to supermarkets or the the ratio of Vietnam-made goods that must be available at supermarkets.

Will a minimum proportion of Vietnamese goods be required at foreign supermarkets?

Some experts, warning that foreign retailers will give priority to distribute goods from their home countries, have suggested taking serious measures to ensure the availability of Vietnamese goods at foreign supermarkets.

Vietnam manufacturers feel pressure from choosy distributors

The dispute between Big C Vietnam and 200 textile and garment suppliers has been settled, but the public is still upset about the behavior of the retailer from Thailand.

Will Vietnamese products be dislodged from foreign-owned supermarkets?

If Vietnamese products are absent from large retail chains, domestic production will lose advantages in the home market, experts warn.


Foreign retailers selling goods without permission in Vietnam?

Rice, one of the seven goods categories foreign retailers are not allowed to distribute without permission in Vietnam, is still on the shelves of Lotte Mart and MM Mega Market.


Big C ends the stocking of Vietnamese garments

The Ministry of Industry and Trade wants to work with Big C and the Vietnam Textile & Apparel Association to find out the reason why Big C has announced an end to the sale of local textile and garment products.


Foreign retailers feeling the heat of Vietnam’s market

More foreign investors have had to leave Vietnam after taking losses for a long time, though Vietnam is considered an attractive market with increasingly high purchasing power.

Why Western retailers say goodbye to Vietnam?

The Vietnamese retail market would hardly attract more European retail groups in the mass segment due to the harsh competition.