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The capital depletion plus the dramatic meat price decrease both have knocked down livestock farms. Breeding animals for foreign invested enterprises proves to be the only choice for Vietnamese farmers now.

Digital content firms join forces to stimulate IPv6 users

VietNamNet Bridge – The “deployment” of IPv6 in Vietnam has been going slowly because of the reluctance of enterprises, especially digital content firms.

Belgian brewery manufacturer rouses Vietnamese enterprises from sleep

The Vietnamese market is believed to become scalding hot with the presence of the big guy from Belgium Aneuser-Busch Inbev (AB Inbev), slated for the next year end.

The world’s leading big guys land in Vietnam

More and more big guys in the world have announced their direct investments in Vietnam, which, in the eyes of analysts, shows that foreign investors have confidence on the prosperity of the Vietnam’s economy.

Big ADSL service providers have advantages in IPTV race

In the competition among IPTV service providers, the big guy VNPT (Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group) has bigger advantages than others thanks to its existing strong infrastructure for fixed telephone line and ADSL.

Only 10 percent of coffee products in VN made of real coffee?

Coffee drinkers would be exceedingly astonished if they know that what they drink is not real coffee, but of the mixture of maize and other burnt grain powder.

Wave stimulating equipment cause a headache to mobile network operators

More and more people Hanoi have installed cellphone wave stimulating equipment at their homes to improve the wave quality.

Mobile & smart TV wave challenges digital content firms and telcos

The State has been urged to apply reasonable policies to encourage the development of the domestic digital content industry – the sector that can bring high added value to Vietnam.

Young entrepreneurs stepped down right after they were hailed as talents

Just some months after they were extolled as the next-generation businessmen, the young entrepreneurs born in 1980s have resigned from their posts amid the astonishment.

F&B sector triggers combat for retail premises

VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of big names have appeared in the Vietnamese F&B (food and beverage) market, kicking start a new combat for the retail premises.

Convenience stores: the 1-against-30 competition

Some years ago, economists predicted the strong development of convenience stores and mini supermarkets which fit the current development conditions in Vietnam and the living standards of Vietnamese people.

Big guys combat for advantageous retail premises (Part 1)

The owners of well known brands have been flocking to the central area of HCM City, thus making the war for retail premises in the area scorching hot.

Businesses run out of cash, directors put on tenterhooks

Directors have been worried to death because their businesses have cleaned out, while they need to spend more at the end of the year.

The richest U40 stock millionaires

At the age of 40, some businessmen managed to obtain the stock assets worth trillions of dong. The total stock assets of the 30 richest businessmen among them have reached 8 trillion dong.