VietNamNet Bridge – The Prime Minister has approved more industrial parks (IPs) in Binh Duong Province to be added to a master zoning plan for IP development in the nation until 2020.



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Under the master zoning plan, the southern province will have four new IPs covering a total area of 2,300 hectares. They are Binh Duong Riverside ISC IP with 600 hectares, Tan Lap I IP with 200 hectares, Vinh Lap IP with 500 hectares and VSIP III with 1,000 hectares.

The province got the Prime Minister’s nod to expand Lai Hung IP from 400 to 600 hectares, Cay Truong from 300 to 700 hectares, Nam Tan Uyen from 620 to 966 hectares, Rach Bap from 279 to 639 hectares, and Viet Huong 2 from 250 to 262 hectares.

The Government leader approved removing the 51-hectare Mai Trung IP from the master zoning plan for IP development nationwide and downsizing Tan Dong Hiep B from 163 to 150 hectares, Song Than III from 534 to 427 hectares, Dai Dang from 274 to 219 hectares, Phu Tan from 133 to 107 hectares and Kim Huy from 214 to 172 hectares.

Binh Duong Province was told to revise its land use plan for the IP adjustment in the 2016-2020 period in line with the prevailing regulations.

Relevant agencies in Binh Duong Province should draw up detailed plans, complete proper investment procedures, and expand IPs in tune with the province’s need to attract investors. They are urged to develop housing projects and social welfare facilities for workers, particularly those in IPs, to ensure their living and working conditions.

According to the IPs authority of Binh Duong Province, 26 out of 28 IPs covering over 9,500 hectares had been put into operation by June 2015. The operational IPs had leased out 2,572 hectares, or 50.5% of their total, higher than the national average of 48%.

Of note is that VSIP I IP has leased out all its 490 hectares of industrial land while occupancy at the 1,340-hectare VSIP II has been quite high.

As of last November, IPs in Binh Duong had been home to 1,480 valid projects, 1,050 of them foreign-invested with total registered capital of US$7.676 billion and the remainder domestic with total pledged capital of VND32.74 trillion (US$1.47 billion). Most of the tenants at the IPs are manufacturers and providers of services for industrial producers.

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