VietNamNet Bridge - Sources from the Nha Trang Museum of Oceanography say that a black fin shark gave birth in captivity on Friday to three pups.

Two of the babies subsequently died, apparently of wounds suffered from an attack by their father.

According to the museum staff, the two dead pups died of wounds caused by their father.


The pups weighed about 0.7 kg each, measuring at 45 cm in length.




The mother shark has been raised in a tank at the museum for five years. Tourists take photos of the mother shark.





The black fin shark (Carcharinus melanopterus) is a tropical species, living in shallow waters or coral reefs. In photo: The father shark.





This is the second time a black fin shark has given birth at the Nha Trang Museum of Oceanography. The first occasion was in May 2009, when a black fin shark gave birth to six pups.





The health of the mother shark is stable. She is under intensive care in a taming lake.





The mummy of a black fin shark on display at the museum.


South African giraffe born in Binh Duong

A baby South African giraffe was born yesterday at the Dai Nam Zoological Park in the southern province of Binh Duong.

The male calf is 2.2 m tall and weighs 50 kg.

The good news followed the birth of a female giraffe in January this year from different parents, according to director of the park, Duong Thanh Phi, who said the park now had six of the animals.

The park is also breeding other wild animals such as zebras, tigers and hippos.

South African giraffes adapt well to the climate in the southeastern region where it is sunny all year round.