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Booking 2022 tours after a long period of lockdown

Amid the pandemic, technology continues to play an important role in the tourism industry, increasing the peace of mind of travelers and offering new experiences.


Đặt tour 2022, thích những chuyến đi ngẫu hứng sau thời giãn cách


After nearly two years being affected by the pandemic, tourism activities have gradually recovered in the “new normal". has made seven predictions for the return of the tourism industry in 2022, with particular emphasis on the role of technology.

Accordingly, 82% of Vietnamese tourists agree that technology helps ease anxiety while traveling; 79% of tourists are interested in an advanced service that can predict which countries will be safe for travel; and 82% expect the technology to automatically suggest destinations that are easily accessible based on Covid-19 prevention regulations at the destinations.

Surveying the demand for tourism, more than 86% of Vietnamese tourists confirmed that travel helps them to be mentally and emotionally healthier than other forms of rest and relaxation.

After more than a year of changing travel restrictions, the important health benefits of tourism are being recognized, with nearly 60% of Vietnamese tourists saying they did not realize the importance of traveling for health until it was completely out of hand. Some 87% said that planning a vacation has a positive effect on their emotions.

Around 79% of Vietnamese tourists said that they would not mention work while on vacation in 2022, something that did not always happen in 2021 when the line between home and office was blurred.

Despite the flexibility to work remotely, 61% of Vietnamese tourists surveyed would still spend less time on vacation in 2022 if they can get away from work completely, instead of having more time in the destination but combining work and travel. About 60% of Vietnamese tourists stated that they worked more and took less vacations during the epidemic season.

After a long time of being "stuck", visitors will enjoy every moment instead of rushing to visit everywhere during a journey. At least 89% of Vietnamese tourists said that travel will be more interesting when moving on the road is also a part of the trip.

In addition, 82% of Vietnamese tourists agreed that it is important that their trip benefits the local community at the destination, and 79% would appreciate an app or website that gives proposals for destinations, where tourism growth will have a positive impact on local communities.

Some 79% of Vietnamese tourists wanted to meet new friends while traveling and 79% wanted to interact and connect with others during their vacation.

After a long period of lockdown, visitors are gradually having a more positive mindset for 2022. Next year will be full of impromptu trips when people are ready to accept unexpected turns in the journey. In fact, 54% of Vietnamese travelers would prefer a vacation that is flexible and adapted to reality, rather than carefully planned with lots of activities.

As many as 84% of Vietnamese tourists admitted that they would say “yes” to every vacation occasion if the budget allowed, and 74% would be more open to different forms of vacation than before the pandemic because being able to go away made them feel happy.

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Traveling abroad: returning to Vietnam faces roadblocks

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