The best books written about politics-economics, natural sciences and technology, social sciences, humanities, culture, literature, art and children's books will be awarded prizes. Worth up to VND100 million.

The National Book Awards has attracted the participation of many publishers. VNA/VNS Photo Minh Quyet

According to Le Hoang, vice chairman of the Vietnam Publishing Association, besides the books with high academic and ideological value, there are also books providing scientific knowledge, culture, art and life skills for young people.

This year's Book Awards continues to have some adjustments and innovations, especially focusing on consolidating and adding new members who are prestigious scientists and researchers, including some young scientists in the Preliminary and Final Examination Council, who come from various regions across the country.

Thai Ha Books is a book company that participates in the National Book Awards every year. In 2020, they have three books nominated: Vào bếp nấu ăn, săn ngay điểm tốt (Go to the Kitchen, Hunt for Good Grades), Nghệ thuật và nghệ nhân vùng kinh thành Huế (Art and Artisans of Hue Citadel) and Mặt trái của công nghệ (The Downside of Technology).

In an interview with Vietnamnet, Pham Thuy, Thai Ha Books Media Relations director, admitted that winning the National Book Award has contributed significantly to bringing these books to more readers. When these books were announced, the search volume on the fanpage of Thai Ha Books and the number of buyers increased sharply.

"When the book Arts and Artisans in Huế Citadel first published, the sales were only average. Immediately after being recognised by the National Book Awards, sales increased by 150 per cent. Up to now, nearly 4,000 copies have been sold. I must say that the National Book Award has brought very good effects, it helps readers choose suitable and valuable books," Thuy said.

Originating from the Vietnam Book Awards, the National Book Awards has created a buzz not only in the publishing industry, but also helped spread the reading culture in the community.

This year's award has attracted the participation of 47/57 publishers across the country with 365 books.

The award honours writers and people working in the field of Vietnamese book publishing, contributing to the discovery, preservation and promotion of valuable works to a large number of readers, creating motivation for the publishing industry to develop in the right direction and in line with the global integration trend.

Held annually since 2004, the National Book Awards has become a prestigious event of the publishing industry, honouring the value of books, authors and publishers throughout the country.

This is an opportunity for publishers to look back on their achievements over the year and for readers across the country to gain more knowledge about books and the publishing industry.

Source: Vietnam News

Book about armed forces wins first prize at National Book Awards

Book about armed forces wins first prize at National Book Awards

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