Boxer Nguyen Ngoc Hai wins WBA belt hinh anh 1
Boxer Nguyen Ngoc Hai defeated Campee Phayom of Thailand with a knock-out (K.O) victory to win WBA belt in Ho Chi Minh City on March 25 (Photo: VNA)

Born to Lead is the biggest tournament of 2023 in the city in general and Vietnam in particular, gathering top boxers in Vietnam and the continent to defend their titles and fight for their WBA belts. On the occasion, three WBA title fights are available at the same venue for the first time, with Vietnamese top boxers Truong Dinh Hoang and Le Huu Toan seeking to defend their titles while Nguyen Ngoc Hai fights for his first belt in his career.

Truong Dinh Hoang successfully defending his super middle weight (76kg) title after defeating Dae Huyn Beak, who is the Republic of Korea’s No.1 and WBA Asia No.11.

However, Le Huu Toan failed in defending his WBA minimum weight title for the second time after losing to Garen Diagan from the Philippines.

Born to Lead is the second event in the series of pro LEAD boxing organised in the locality. The series is expected to reach international standards and become a strong base for Vietnamese fighters to integrate into the world./. VNA