VietNamNet Bridge - The fire emitted from a coal seam at the Dong Vong mine of the Uong Bi Coal Company in Quang Ninh province on January 15 killed six people.


Rescue workers use sand to extinguish the fire.

The fire occurred at 1C coal seams of Dong Trang Bach coal mining enterprise, Dong Vong Coal Company at 11.30pm, January 15.

The coal company collaborated with the on-the-spot emergency forces and the relevant agencies to extinguish the fire to save workers. However, the fire spread rapidly and killed seven workers, injured one.




Smoke from the air-gate of the coal mine.



By 8:30 am, the bodies of six victims were brought out. The fire was not stamped out yet.

The victims are identified.

Quang Ninh provincial authorities decided to provide each victim's family with VND6 million ($300).

The cause of fire is under investigation.

Le Ha