The artisans showcase their skills of marking to he right in front of the visitors. Thanks to the ingenuity and meticulosity of artisans, the colorful powders can be shaped into legendary cartoon characters that the excitable children are very familiar with.



Colourful shapes of to he


Children learning how to make toy figurines.

With skillful hands, artisan Dao Van Luy creates colourful and funny shapes of to he.

Luy and his wife have made to he for many years.

The colourful to he products are very attractive to children.

An artist is making a pig-shaped to he.

Artisans instructing children to make to he.

Two children from the Republic of Korea learning the way to make the traditional toys of Vietnam at the pedestrian street area around Hoan Kiem lake.

Children are eager to make to he.


Dang Khoa

Nhan Dan