Hanoians will have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the UK's traditional scones with the taste of autumn in Hà Nội made by British Ambassador Iain Frew and food blogger Phan Anh – admin of the famous Yêu Bếp community.

The cooking show by the ambassador and food blogger is part of the UK Festival 2023 that will take place in Hà Nội’s Đông Kinh Nghĩa Thục Square and the pedestrian street around Hoàn Kiếm Lake on September 9-10.

British Ambassador Iain Frew will join a cooking show at the UK Festival 2023 in Hà Nội. — Photo courtesy of British Embassy Hanoi

Organised by the British Embassy in Hà Nội to commemorate 50 years of diplomatic relations between Việt Nam and the UK, the event will offer all festival-goers the chance to experience the best of Britain right in Hà Nội.

Visitors can indulge in the exquisite British culinary delights with splendid afternoon tea parties or sway along and enjoy the enchanting realm of UK music, featuring renowned singers, boy bands, and DJs.

Especially, the famous English boy band 911, who had many hit songs, including I Do, The Day We Found Love, All I Want is You, are on their return to Việt Nam to light up the stage of the UK Festival 2023.

More than 70 booths in six different areas, will present an array of British products hailing from popular brands.

Festival-goers can also embark on a journey through the diversity of British literature and education with well-known publishing houses and top-tier universities. Scholarship hunters can learn about a wide range of scholarships from top universities and the prestigious British Government Chevening scholarships.

English boyband 911 on their return to Việt Nam to light up the stage of the UK Festivals. — Photo platinumlist.net

Harry Potter fans will be amazed at great news – Platform 9 ¾ will be officially opened at the UK Festival in Hà Nội. They will be delighted with a unique selection of Platform 9 ¾ merchandise, including themed collectables, souvenirs, and more.

The festival’s agenda also includes cultural activities, exhibitions, and fashion showcases. In addition, a tailor-made space at the festival will offer a vibrant football atmosphere for sports enthusiasts.

A "plastic-free" festival, the organisers call on visitors to bring their own reusable water bottles and bags.

The UK Festival 2023 will also be organised in HCM City on September 16 on Lê Lợi Pedestrian Street. — VNS