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Brookings Institution highlights Vietnam’s progress in universal health

Brookings Institution, a non-profit public policy organisation based in Washington DC, has run an article highlighting Vietnam’s impressive progress in universal health coverage (UHC) over the past decade.

Brookings Institution highlights Vietnam’s progress in universal health hinh anh 1

Providing treatment to a insurance-covered patient at a health care facility in Son La (Photo: VNA)


The article cited a recent research as saying that Vietnam provided a generous benefit package that is more equitable for all.

It held that the takeaway lessons for other developing countries that want to achieve UHC through health insurance include strong political commitment with financial resources and an incremental approach that is attuned to their population. When designing health insurance systems, keeping tabs on all three UHC dimensions, ensuring consistent service coverage for essential health services, and government subsidies for vulnerable populations are needed.

Vietnam established health insurance for employees in the 1990s, but it wasn’t until 2003 that the government began taking more financial responsibility for the poor. That was when it increased coverage, though incrementally, it noted.

It said that Vietnam made impressive increases in population coverage over the span of 13 years through the critical policies/laws/decrees they enacted.

Vietnam’s pro-poor design focused on stabilising the most vulnerable populations, so those uninsured are assumed to have some form of financial capacity.

However, it noted that Vietnam still faces great challenges, including aging population and shifting disease burdens are putting a lot of pressure on the financial sustainability of their health insurance systems.

Cross subsidization, provider payment reform, and cost-effective benefit packages have to be carefully designed and implemented to improve the efficiency, equity, and affordability of health insurance systems. Though the future is uncertain, Vietnam’s prospects look promising as they continue to customize their designs to their realities, it added./.VNA


Vietnam targets end of malaria by 2030

Vietnam will provide training to medical staff and apply new techniques in the prevention, detection, and treatment of malaria.

Vietnam auto makers project bumpy years ahead

Car manufacturers are calling for the reinstatement of measures used during the pandemic in order to help boost flagging vehicle sales.

Vietnam’s fintech reaches new heights

VGP - Viet Nam's fintech has reached new heights and the newly introduced regulatory sandbox is further fueling its growth.

Moody’s upgrades ratings of eight Vietnamese banks

VGP - Moody's Investors Service, a leading provider of credit ratings, research, and risk analysis, has raised ratings of eight Vietnamese banks.

MOIT: electricity prices to be set by March 31

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has asked the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) to negotiate with solar and wind power project developers and reach agreements about electricity prices prior to March 31.

Sapa mother fined for forcing her children to work

A woman in the northern tourist town of Sapa has been fined VND 22 million for forcing her two small children to sell products to tourists in the area.


Vietnam works hard to boost exports to Chinese market

Bamboo Airways wants to add VND10 trillion to charter capital

Bamboo Airways is planning to increase its charter capital by nearly VND10 trillion through a new share issue to restructure its debt and fund its business operations.

Vietnam's first community digital library to open in Quang Nam

The central province of Quang Nam's Tam Ky City’s first community digital library in Vietnam will open soon.

White List of certified websites released

The Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information under the Ministry of Information and Communications has announced on its website the White List of certified websites.


Japan invites Vietnam to G7 Summit, says deputy spokeswoman

Gains feasible through large-scale FDI

Vietnam’s foreign capital perspective is being pressured by incentives from other nations to encourage their own investors to return home.

Vietnam and Israel to sign labour cooperation agreement this year

Vietnam and Israel have agreed to sign a labour cooperation agreement in 2023, with a view to bringing Vietnamese labourers back to work in Israel in the field of agriculture.

Ministry proposes amending visa policy

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) will propose to the National Assembly adding an amendment of the visa and e-visa policy to the National Assembly’s general resolution at the nearest upcoming session (May 2023).

EVN urged to finalize renewable electricity prices by end-March

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has requested the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) to complete pricing talks on solar and wind power with investors before March 31 to put 85 power plants into operation.