VietNamNet Bridge – In the evening of June 17, clouds of brown planthoppers covered many streets of the southern city of Soc Trang.

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Street lamps were covered by brown planthoppers on the evening of June 17.


In some places, brown planthoppers made "waterspouts" of 5-7m from street lamps to the road surfaces. Shops facing the streets had to close because of the pest.

After several days of continuous rains, brown planthoppers from the field entered the city of Soc Trang. At 7pm on June 17, streets lamps on the streets of Hung Vuong, Phu Loi, Mac Dinh Chi ... were covered by brown planthoppers.

In the 5A new urban area of Soc Trang, brown planthoppers were dense around the lamps around grassplots and tennis courts, making it difficult for tennis players. At entertainment centers, parents had to take their kids home early to avoid pests.

Brown planthoppers like lamplight so many restaurants in Soc Trang had to roll bulbs with tape but brown planthoppers still felt into food. Many restaurants had to close to avoid brown planthoppers. Some restaurants used candles instead of electric lamps or moved customers into closed, air-conditioned rooms.




Brown planthoppers stuck to duct tape.

According to the agriculture sector, there is a migration of brown planthoppers in the fields of the southwestern region. In Soc Trang, after several days of continuous rains, brown planthoppers flew into the city to "attack" humans.

The brown planthoppers are among the most important pests of rice. They damage rice directly through feeding and also by transmitting two viruses, rice ragged stunt virus and rice grassy stunt virus. Up to 60 percent yield loss is common in susceptible rice cultivars attacked by brown planthoppers.

Mai Lan