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The overlapping and inconsistency of legal documents continues to make things difficult for businesses. 

VCCI report finds problems in administrative reform

“Flow of business law in 2021”, a report of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, shows that hundreds of circulars that guide the implementation of laws are issued each year. The quality and transparency of the documents are in question.

Businesses worry about return of “old barriers”

The draft revised Decree 107/2018/ND-CP on rice export has worried local rice exporters as business conditions that had been previously removed may return.

Vietnam signals soft improvement in business condition at start of 2021

While the Vietnamese economy remains one of the better performers globally, there are significant headwinds that could prevent a return to the stellar growth rates seen pre-pandemic in the near-term at least.

Third wave of reform: 20% more regulations on businesses to be cut

The Vietnamese government’s Resolution 68 that aims to reduce business regulations by 20% and at least 20% of costs is seen as the Government’s third wave of reform.

Experts doubt MOIT’s new rules will free up businesses

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) decision on removing 675 business conditions and licenses has been described as a ‘historic decision’. However, experts think it doesn’t have much significance.

Ministry's historic move eliminates hundreds of business prerequisites

Half of total business and investment necessary preconditions have been eliminated under a Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) decision, praised as a historic move that aims to create favorable conditions for businesses.

Many business conditions scrapped by new Govt decrees

 VietNamNet Bridge – A number of Government decrees were issued on July 1 to abolish a slew of business conditions in line with the Government’s promises to make life easier for enterprises and improve the business environment.

Strong resolve

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Government has shown a strong determination to trim business conditions in a bid to prop up startups and support businesses to become a pivotal driving force for the nation’s growth.