Samsung Galaxy could be delayed by quarantine regulations of Vietnam

Samsung has been hit hard by Vietnam's restrictions on travel from South Korea, setting the production of the latest Galaxy Note smartphones behind schedule.

samsung galaxy could be delayed by quarantine regulations of vietnam
The new Samsung Galaxy might not be able to keep to the plan of launching this summer

The latest move of the Vietnamese government requiring a two-week quarantine for all arrivals from South Korea has set multinational corporations behind launch schedule with several products, according to Nikkei Asian Review.

Park Noh-wan, the South Korean Ambassador to Vietnam, told local media that Samsung Electronics needs 1,000 South Korean specialists to enter Vietnam to launch its latest product. Quarantining them as required would cause a significant loss, he said.

While Samsung has manufacturing bases across the globe, its smartphone facilities in Vietnam churn out roughly half of the Galaxy handsets it sells worldwide. It has been ramping up investment in the Southeast Asian country, where it also makes OLED displays and home appliances. By value, Samsung accounts for a quarter of Vietnam's total exports.

However, specialists working to bring an OLED production line for a new smartphone onstream were essentially barred from Vietnam, threatening the production schedule of the new Galaxy Notes which is due to come out this summer.


The COVID-19 pandemic hit South Korea in late February, infecting 8,800 and killing around 110 people, according to The number of countries and regions banning travel from South Korea doubled to 100 in just one week, while fifteen others, including Vietnam, imposed quarantines.

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese government has been tightening measures to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic. They decided to temporarily halt visa issuance to foreigners for 30 days, applicable since March 18, and cut all incoming flights from COVID-19 stricken areas to Vietnam. All entrants shall be medically checked and have to comply with the nation’s COVID-19 prevention and control measures. VIR

 Minh Vu

What if Samsung relocates high-end production line to Vietnam?

What if Samsung relocates high-end production line to Vietnam?

Samsung Electronics has announced the temporary shutdown of its factory in Gumi, South Korea and has relocated the production line of some high-end smartphone models to Vietnam.

Samsung engineers to be put under close medical supervision

Samsung engineers to be put under close medical supervision

A plan to closely supervise 700 South Korean engineers sent to work at Samsung Display's factory in Bac Ninh had been set up, according to the director of the provincial health department To Thi Mai Hoa on Sunday.  

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