Bến Thành Market and many other traditional marketsareclosed following the direction of the HCM Cityauthority to prevent the spread of Covid-19. VNS photo Xuân Đăng

The city has required a halt to all cultural, sports and entertainment activities, and the temporary closure of non-essential businesses. These include beauty salons, karaoke parlours, dance halls, restaurants, bars, beer clubs, gyms, massage and sauna parlours, e-game stores, wedding centres, tea shops, theatres, sports centres and billiard clubs.

In addition, the city has continued its suspension of public transport, including taxis and app-based car services, among other measures, to prevent the  spread of COVID 19.

For the last two weeks, people's lives have changed dramatically, similar to the lockdown that occurred in early 2020. Some of the city's once crowded places are now empty of people.

As of Monday night, the southern metropolis had recorded 3,436 local COVID-19 cases in the fourth coronavirus wave that began in late April. The number of cases is second only to Bắc Giang Province, which has had 5,663 cases in the fourth wave. 

HCM City's InternationalTân Sơn Nhất airport is emptyamidsocial distancing measures imposedduring the fourth COVID-19 wave.VNS Photo Xuân Đăng

Nguyễn Huệpedestrian street in downtown HCM City, once busybefore Covid 19, is now quiet. VNS Photo Xuân Đăng

Thehistoric Post Office, a popular tourist site in the city centre, is empty of people and traffic.VNS Photo Xuân Đăng

A busstop at Hàm Nghi Street. VNS Photo Xuân Đăng

Restaurants are offering only takeaway or deliveryservices. VNS Photo Xuân Đăng

People standin line to enter afood store. VNS Photo Nguyễn Xuân Đăng

Many city streets are empty during rush hour aspeopleworkfrom home and limitgoing out. VNS Photo Xuân Đăng

Source: VNS

HCM City extends social distancing as COVID-19 cases surge

HCM City extends social distancing as COVID-19 cases surge

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s busiest and most populous locality, is expected to extend social distancing which was imposed a month ago as the number of newly detected cases has increased considerably these days.