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Silkworm pupae are perhaps too familiar to need more explanation. Ca Mau is home to what is known as U Minh's first specialty: bee pupae (young bees).

The strangest 'tree climbing fish' on the planet lives in Vietnam

“Thoi loi” (giant mudskipper) is one of the strangest fish on the planet because it can both dive deep under water and hang on trees. This is a specialty fish in some mangrove areas in Vietnam.

There's a buzz about U Minh District's wild bee pupae salad

Wild bee pupae salad from U Minh District is among the best dishes of southern Ca Mau Province, said resident Huynh Van Ly, 76.

Try seafood specialties in Ca Mau

Mudskippers grilled with chili salt and mud creepers with coconut milk are one of the best seafood specialties in Ca Mau Province.

Ca Mau – Vietnam’s southernmost province

This 300-year-old land is the ending point of the S-shaped Vietnam. Its Ca Mau Cape is the only place in Vietnam where people can see both ocean sunrise and sunset in one day. This is a place where humans and nature co-exist in harmony.